Crossover Culture or nah?

I love it when networking comes together 🙂

I got to talking with Jeremy of the band Original Swimming Party, and they are co-hosting a pretty rad event called ‘Crossover Culture‘ next Friday the 13th, at the club venue known as The Assembly. It is going to be an event co-curated with Vincent Manzini from Ikasi Experience, and Andiswa Mkosi from Jam That Session.

“Crossover Culture is a new series of events that represents a coming together of acts from many different backgrounds in Cape Town with the intention of addressing the city’s fractured cultural and economic landscape.

Apparently, it is going to have a lineup of township, and DJs and bands from the CBD area who deliver music across genres – mainstream SA and others.
There will be 9 leading edge acts over two stages, and it all kicks off at 21:00pm.


Birthday Girl (Experimental Electronica)
Diamond Thug (Indie Electronica)
Original Swimming Party (Experimental Afrotronica)
Sdumo Viwe (Kwaito / Gqom / Sjokojoko)
Thibo Tazz (Deep House)


Siphe Tebeka (Tech / Techno)
Eden Myrrh (Alternative Pop / Funk / Soul)
DJ Sydwell (Gqom / Sjokojoko)
DJ War (Gqom / Sjokojoko)

Feeling keen to sample a whole melting pot of music? Just Tweet me how keen you’d feel to attend the event using the #KlaasicCrossoverCulture tag and I’ll contact the ones who will make the guestlist on Thursday Afternoon. Download this pic and use it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, together with the hashtag, and you might be able to win a spot on the guestlist for you and your friend.


The events will encourage positive communication about discrimination on the basis of race, gender and sexual orientation. They will allow a space to explore white privilege and the post apartheid and colonial hangover our country is suffering. It will focus on fostering a community of acceptance, integration and growth through music.

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