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Yesterday I got to attend the inaugural fashion show of Enrica MasVI.


If you have been reading my blog, you are aware I love networking despite my slightly shy disposition. Don’t laugh! I’m situationally extroverted. Anyway, I had met this French-born, South African-based fashion designer whilst window shopping in my much beloved Victoria &Alfred Waterfront. Her and I totally clicked, gushing about the sophisticated minimalist style icon that is Victoria Beckham. She invited me to view her first collection, and with the heady enthusiasm for fashion that I have, I gladly accepted.

I am committed to reppin’ proudly South African apparel at any events I go to because I believe in being instrumental to perpetuating a more contemporary image of African fashion. I trust in the designs that the fashion house Ruff Tung, make. For someone insecure in certain body parts, their apparel provide both comfort and style in every thread. I wore their Statement one-shoulder indigo print dress that is exclusive to Spree.

One of the best things that Enrica did with her inaugural collection showcase, is to choose a venue that makes the clothes look all the better. Bassa Art Gallery, situated in Claremont, Cape Town, is simply beautiful. Utilizing archetypal gallery gleaming white art decor interior, and color-popping pop culture themed artworks, Bassa did not overpower the clothing being modeled.

The ambiance was warm, but classy.

I was not partial to the menswear, which seemed vastly generic. Though, the Chinese collars and cotton shirt pleats on crisp black or white shirts seemed the ideal pieces for any woman to borrow from a boyfriends wardrobe. The female apparel showed the designers inescapable French taste. In muted notes of beige, and unyielding black and white, Enrica cut lovely wearable linen, chiffon and viscose dresses and jumpsuits. I am seriously coveting her black jumpsuit design and black linen dresses.

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Attendees at fashion events always seem to be thee most interesting lot – occasionally, even rivaling the apparel on the catwalk. VIPs at the Enrica MasVI show were no exception. Head on over to my Facebook Page to get an insider view of all the fashion, attendees, foodie foods and beautiful people.

Tweet Enrica Masi to order your treasures from this first collection that promises a designer who will grow into a formidable force of renowned gorgeous designs.


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