When your Neighbourhood is just so good

IMG_5386I’ve been hearing about the famed Neighbourgoods Market for ages, from friends, and social media alike. I woke up totally tired today, but strong-armed myself into getting up, and experiencing this ‘wonder’ of hipster proportions. Since I live in the vicinity, the logistics of savoring the Cape Town Saturday ambiance weren’t strenuous at all.

The Neighbourgoods Market is open every Saturday within the world renowned village known as the Old Biscuit Mill. People come here to revel in  the results talented people come together to share, collaborate and…well show off their heart-felt passion.

Different brands and designer goods are offered. There are goodies for vegans, fruitarians, carnivores, fashion-focused individuals, foodie connoisseurs, elders, and more. I bought myself a billowy chiffon shirt, then headed to the food section and went H.A.M(hard as a mutha) taste-testing and settling on a Traditional German Bratwurst, and a glass of refreshing herb-filled lemonade.

Whilst people-watching, I spotted some stylish accessories and striking profiles, and especially these two gorgeous guys – one of which is my family. Had to snap this great picture of them. Lighting, style and good genes came together well.

So what have you been up to this Saturday?


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