Summer Essentials 2015

Many of you have already headed home to revel in the freedom of December holidays, and that may mean snow-capped winter wonders, rainy moors…or one kick-ass summer. In South Africa, we have a sunny festive season which demands excellence in styling your every day looks, as well as slaying all floral-printed comers at the beach.

So today, I bring you a few of my 2015 #SummerEssentials.IMG_5508

  •     SunglassesSeriously, do you need an explanation for why sunnies are essential in summer? Listen, they keep you eyes safe from getting blinded by the sun, you can ogle hotties safely, and they elevate your outfit of the day from regular vagabond to chic bohemia. Anybody who catches your picture perfect frames this summer knows your #OOTD should be trending – #streetstyle, on Instagram.

There is no shame in buying sunnies from a stall or a market. I’m a blogger on a budget and have no qualms paying R30(£1.9/$1.3) for a pair of sunglasses that look amazing.

Psssssh! Aint nobody got time for your broke shaming.

  • Brown Plaited Leather Belt– I know a sturdy black belt seems like the best investment, but when you’re vacationing, brown belts are usually the items most trusted with summer apparel, due to the color palette. Get a thin brown plaited belt. and when you’re at a loss as to what your plain outfit is missing, throw that bitch on and see what happens!
  • Leather handbag in a dark color tone – Such a compact bag is a necessity when flittering about from your bed to the grocery store, doing last-minute gift shopping, having sundowners beach-side, and then hitting the nightclubs.
  • Colorful and ventilation-allowing sandals – Pumps and heat make for stinky feet fam, so ease up on rocking those pumps EVERY day, and wear some sandals – even if your feet look Lunch Bar gnarly! Mr Price has quite a surprising variety of summer shoes adapted from the current global fashion trends – and they are even durable! Who woulda thunk it?! I went a lil’ crazy today purchasing what remains of their vibrant stock.

Get ready to see my ugly feet in some cute sandals on Cape Town’s most infamous beaches.

  •  Colorful leather bracelets and cuffs – Thanks to 2015 global streetstyle that’s transcended fashion weeks, as well as up-and-coming local designers, the stigma of douche Nickelback status associated with leather cuffs is now at an end. South African brands like Gemini Handcrafts and Vikson bring me (oh right! and you) some understated but trendy leather pieces that I find, I can no longer do without.
  • Quality, Colorful, and Stylish apparel – Make no mistake, no excuses will be heard for why you are walking around with no taste this summer. Shops, designers and the internet all have tailor-made shopping experiences where your tastes are taken into consideration, and you can feel comfortable buying while having your style low-key refined to perfection, with recommendations for a brilliant #OOTD.

I just got my hands on 3 Summer Essentials that are just sublime: a bright yellow reverse A-line dress from WZ Hybrid that works with ALL of my accessories, burnt orange viscose/silk blend pants from Zara, and a plum colored jumpsuit from the ever epic Gabriela Fraser.

  • Camera strap – You guys, the Canon strap we got when we purchased our blogger cameras, are played out. Up your style game and get caught on the streets or at the beach, snapping pics with a gorgeous leather strap around your neck. Gemini Handcrafts can make you your own camera strap in a week. Stand out in the media crowd – order yours now!

Those are my fashion #SummerEssentials for now. More beauty essentials are to come to keep you looking glowing and golden this summer.

Stay tuned!

Klaas dismissed!

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