My festive so far

I’ve been enjoying vitamin D in abundance thanks to the sun shining through all the corners of Cape Town this December.


I was invited to the Monkey Valley Resort in Noorthoek, to enjoy a Christmas with my extended family, and it was so much fun. I got the full experience of all the family feels, simple but pretty table decor, our personal brand of alternative DIY Pinterest-inspired Christmas tree, crackers, scrumptious food and presents galore.


I donned 3 of my #SummerEssentials for the day: my burnt orange (literally my new color obsession)Zara yoga pants, my turquoise Mr Price pumps, and my yellow and gold viscose leather cuff…and boy did I look good.IMG_5605

Epic! The word you are looking for to aptly describe my Christmas present is “Epic!”. I got a limited edition Game of Thrones Monopoly. The fangirl in me went to into overdrive trying to cope with all that awesomeness.

Our Christmas feast involved a whole tasty recipe of Ramsey-approved ingredients. I had Turkey made with all the fixings, veggies drizzled in roast chicken gravy,spiced tofu, and a Gammon glazed with honey, pineapple, olive oil etc. I still haven’t the palette for wine, but when in wine country, one digresses. We had a 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon red wine from the Robertsons winery to tide us over. Dessert sedated the skinny girl trying to get out of me, soon as I went in on the caramel swiss roll situation, and the cheesecake waiting to be indulged in.

Fast track to the 27th December. After spending a day pretty much comatose, in an attempt to try to digest all the yumyums consumed on Christmas day, I decided to brave the beaches of Cape Town. Let it be known: finding parking in ANY Cape Town beachside, is a lesson in patience. An hour after my friend and I’s arrival, we finally scored a spot, and strolled on down to Clifton 4th Beach for some sun, and fun on the backdrop of the worlds latest 7 wonder.

I decided to rock my MilQ & Honey floral skirt, my #SummerEssential gladiator Sandals, sunnies, and red lips to ensure I look my best on the sea-side.IMG_5746Admit it 🙂

My fat rolls and cellulite are giving you all the body goals, right?!

IMG_5653We had a banger of an afternoon as I serenaded my friend Julez with my favorite Indie playlist, took selfies, people-watched, and enjoyed the view, snacks, and a lil something’ somethin’ to quench that special kind of thirst.

Lest we forget my beach essential: A book!

Currently reading Stephen King’s “The Mist”.

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How goes your December wherever you are in the world?

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