Welcome to the new age!

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing – know that I am thinking of you as we ring in 2016, from Africa.IMG_5915

2015 was an okay’ísh year for me. Beyond travelling via Abhu Dhabi, to London, 2015 was likely my most unproductive year. I liked that it was chill, but not doing anything academic was my first taste of culture shock. I ended the year truly moving away from home to attempt “adulting”, and boy is it hard and stressful.

“That horrifying moment when you’re looking for an adult, then realize you’re an adult. So you look for an older adult, someone successfully adulting…and adultier adult.”

I was not clear what I’d do for new years eve hey. Most of my December was highlighted by a great Christmas day and a beach trip to Clifton with a buddy. I asked my friends what they’d be up to on the day and they all gave very vague answers, and that they’d get back to me. I did some research and DAMN! Do you guys know how expensive it is to truly enjoy a New Years Eve experience in Cape Town? They charge like R400+ (£17, $25) for entrance fee. You don’t even get a free meal or drinks, and the live acts aren’t even epic enough to warrant that kind of payment. Psssssh. I was not having it.

Then Uber decided to have an insane session of surge pricing and I cackled at my quickly dwindling party options, about 5 minutes from getting into my gown and sleeping off the festivities. Luckily, Uber realized literally no one was ordering cabs because of their ridiculous 4.3x surge so they got rid of that real quick…and so I . was. off! Immediately booked a Uber to where my friend was at Cafe Chic by Conrad Gallagher. The place is absolutely intimate, relatively untouched by hipster chic crowds, and tastefully turnt on New Years Eve.

We drank champagne and laughed, danced till 3 am and toasted to new beginnings, to hopes and dreams.

I rocked my customized Gabriela Fraser Designs plum colored jumpsuit so no one could call me out for not ushering 2016 in, in style. IMG_5939You like?


Let me know what your story is. What did you do this festive season?

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