“What Now?” that Kevin Hart has taken SA

It’s been phenomenal to experience Savanna Cider firing up the comedy scene of South Africa – adding their own unique flair to the otherwise mundane events that dominate the lifestyle SA scene.

I was amped as hell with their announcement that they are bringing international stand-up sensation Kevin Hart to South Africa for the first time ever.

GC Communication has been working extra hard to get us enjoying Savanna’s celebrated cider – with the all new tequila flavored premium cider – and social media has been blowing up with people having tried to win prizes, and score tickets to every kind of Savanna event, and especially Kevin’s show.

“I am thrilled to be coming to South Africa to meet my fans for the first time and certainly not the last time. It is a blessing to be able to share my passion for comedy and make people laugh all the way in South Africa.” – Kevin Hart

Thank you for bringing one of the funniest comedic acts in the world, to our shores for his last leg of the tour Savanna! Watching him at the Grand West Arena with my friend, was wicked!

IMG_20160326_193105We, of course, enjoying the comedy in style.IMG_20160326_223253 (1)

Proper laughed myself silly thanks to opening acts: The Plastic Cup Guys, as well as Kevin.

Kevin Hart at Grand Arena GrandWest Picture Credit to Kevin Kwan

Photo credit: Kevin Kwan – Hart’s official photographer

Despite the vigilant rules regarding recordings during the show, Kevin let us grab our phones at the end so catch a glimpse of him right here:

…but like: What now that he’s come and gone? 🙁

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