Magical M-Net Movies Competition for Fantastic Beasts Fans

“The stories we love best do live in us forever. So whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” – JK Rowling

There is a reason why I have “Letter to J.K Rowling” as an entire page on my blog. Hers were the works that inspired my writing skills, and love of literature, folk lore and history.

To this day I find solace in what her books and movies give me. It may be ridiculous fantasy fiction to some people, but the Harry Potter book franchise helped me so much throughout my childhood. It taught me a fantastical vocabulary, involved me honing in on the ability to deduce, and it was my escape from the pains happening in my personal life.

Check out M-Net Movies’ DSTV Harry Potter pop-up Channel 109 to catch all these wicked films, playing on till the 13th November 2016.


So anywhooo, now comes the fun part – COMPETITION TIME!

The First Harry Potter competition

“You get to win; And YOU get to win. EVERYBODY GETS TO WIN!”

…well if you enter you stand a teensy chance actually.


Here’s how it works hmmmmm k!

I have 5 tickets to the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them exclusive pre-screening, up for grabs to anyone who is true #HPFandom.

All you have to do is 2 of the following:

  • Follow me on my blog, Instagram and /or on Twitter (@Lady_Crunk)
  • Comment on this blog post, my Instagram post, or respond to any of my competition tweets on Twitter, with: how Harry Potter has influenced you, why you love magic, or simply why you deserve to win. (use the hashtag #MMHarryPotter in your post too)
  • I will be asking Harry Potter trivia questions on my Twitter account, for the next week – be the first to answer correctly, and you get bumped up to the Top 3 to win. (use the hashtag #MMHarryPotter in your post too)
  • Kudos points towards winning the tickets to the screening should you additionally Retweet, reblog, Repost, and/or  Share any of my #MMHarryPotter posts on any social media platform, or my blog.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Liiiiiiiike…you kinda must be based in Cape Town or Johannesburg, to be eligible to win – Sorry!

The Second Harry Potter competition


M-Net Movies is taking a lucky winner on a trip of a lifetime, to visit the home of the Harry Potter franchise at the Warner Bros. Studios in London.

I cannot stress to you how jealous I am of the eligible individual who gets to win this memorable magical moment (**,)

Click here to visit the M-Net website so that you can find out more on how to win this amazing experience. #MMHarryPotter



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  1. Alfonzowords says:

    Holy spatula this is such an EPIC comment! gotta share this with everyone. Amazing

  2. Laurisha Rampersad says:

    Muggles* not niggles, and paraphernalia* 😔😔 the charm on my spell-checking quill is wearing off 😭

  3. Laurisha Rampersad says:

    One day, in the distant future, I envision being as old and as wrinkly as Dumbledore, walking around in a purple star-spangled robe while clicking my lighter at all the lights in my house and then having my very young grandchildren ask, “Grandma why are you doing that?”

    I’ll dust off my copy of Philosopher’s Stone, read it to them and then tell them exactly how Harry Potter has influenced my life.

    Harry Potter is the series that shaped who I am. In almost every way. J.K. Rowling became a sort of second mother to me and in her writing, imparted most of the values I hold dear today. Loyalty and fighting for justice are some of the values I’ve learned. It’s taught me about classism (how non-wizards magical creatures are treated), bravery (Harry facing probable death for what’s right), love (even how some love is toxic like Gellert and Albus), friendship (the Marauders, Ron being poor yet sharing his only lunch with Harry whom he’d just met on the train), allyship (Hermione with SPEW and the magical families protecting niggles in dark times), forgiveness (Harry with Wormtail, and with everyone who ever doubted him like Seamus) and perseverance (literally every character in every book). Harry Potter is the reason I did so well in school and why I love reading fantasy. Harry Potter is why I learned to love all the magic there is everyday life. Harry Potter made me even kinder than my parents did. But it also gave me role models like Hermione who showed me that being smart and confident doesn’t mean you’re bossy, it means you’re a boss who can achieve the unimaginable.

    I’m an absolute die hard fan. All my friends know to never to mention Harry Potter around me unless they want a 6 hour discussion about it. I’ve been to quiz nights and movie marathons. I reread the books every year and quote sections (film and book) to the annoyance of my friends and family. I have tons of paraphanelia and I even chose to spend my 22nd birthday at the Harry Potter Studio tour. Hogwarts is my home. And I love every opportunity to bring magic into the world so I’d honestly LOVE to go to the premiere!! Please please please pick me ⚡️

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