Weekend attendance: Cintron Pink Polo 2016

You know how my life goes? I wake thinking I’m going to one event -a very chilled soirée – when suddenly I’m in a whirlwind hurdling towards Val de Vie Estate.

I blame Nontando Mposo!

She texts me, on some “There’s a ticket for you. Get ready loser. We’re going to the polo!” tip; and there I am with nothing suitable to wear and 15 minutes to get ready, while I might add, I’m at another early morning Triage Fashion Collabo event hosted by Ruff Tung, Anneen Henze, and Isabel de Villiers.

A quick make-up fix by Catrice SA, Styling by Bridget Pickering and Ludwig Bausch of Ruff Tung, and off I was to the “ball”.

The Cintron Pink Polo came on the 5th November 2016, on a sunny day at the Val de Vie Estate. Fascinators, florals, hooves, and snooty networking; Us media folk, the rich, smarmy hustlers, fashion-lovers, boozy Betty’s, prowling Dave’s and more, were there to revel, in tamed numbers. Themed Rose Quartz and Serenity, we were in the captivating Paarl-Franschhoek Valley, vaguely experiencing the posh game of polo, while going IN on the circulating tasty food and drinks.

Of course, such an event is incomplete without a fashion show, sponsor plug-ins with every banner and MC shpiel; and dare you forget the token SA celebrity performance?! I just pretty much left the event having low-key eyed-up the ever-gorgeous Ryk Neethling and Nico Panagio.

Oh Yeah! The event is all about breast cancer awareness – thus the quintessential pink motif that nearly every individual ignored for their own  color-coordination and indifference to the truth of the cause. Apparently a percentage of all sales go to the purchase of a Blossom Box Boutique’s treatment support gift box, and this gifting initiative of beautiful boxes contains items, which: inspire, motivate and treat women bravely fighting cancer.

One award to the winning polo team, an honorary acknowledgment to a single cancer-survivor, the celebrity reminder by the fortunate, that this heavily ostracizing “charity” event is for the less fortunate, and folks were geared up for the after-part at The Bank.


uuuuuuhm…yeah, the end?

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