Cape Town foodie escapades: Dapper Coffee Co. Review

I’m sure you’ve seen my foodie escapades focused more on nightlife dining, but I like to switch it up. Today’s Cape Town foodie escapade took me for a lunch break at the corner of Strand & Bree Street, in the Cape Town central business district.

Attracting the gaze of any passer-by, is a counterpoised establishment, aptly named Dapper Coffee Co‘. The establishment manages a perfect balance between: adherence to the CBD’s chichi cafe tradition, harmonized by the accessible gravitas of the adjoined Club9 vintage vehicle showroom.

Club 9 was founded by life long car enthusiast Dirk Molsen. The idea behind the concept of Club 9 is to create a social hub for like minded motoring enthusiasts and to make rare classic vehicles available to the public. 

The afternoon culinary offerings at Dapper Coffee Co. are brief – in menu listing, and consumption time; Perhaps to allow people the opportunity to experience a light, filling meal consumed over a short space of time – so as to add additional time to appreciate the gorgeous man-made beasts that crowd the club showroom.

After consulting with the helpful waiters and waitresses regarding what to order between sandwiches, burgers and tacos, I settled for the Smoked Trout on rye sandwich, and some Earl Grey Tea.

Maybe due to my placement on the counter facing the sidewalk – and not alone at a table deep within the cafe, which may have made me feel like I was the awkward turtle needing human interaction – but after getting my customary food, location and selfie shots in, I felt no affinity to use my phone again. I people-watched as an array of folks traipse, stomp and run passed the window, while building construction continued across the way. I didn’t even bother to listen to anything going on around me in particular – Must be the calming benefits of my Earl Grey.

Anyway, the food arrived and oh-so-colorful it was. The portion size had me a little worried – my eyes are bigger than my tummy (all the time), so I generally think any portion is small. However, one I dug in, I realized why Cape Town cafe’s always serve sandwiches so. The cream cheese on rye adds significant mass to the meal; while the confit lemon, watercress, baby beetroot and fennel move the sandwich from derivative snack to zesty light meal.

Dessert was an incongruous Cheese cake, which made no significant sense impression. Cheese cake should never be dry, crumbling, and weak-tasting – especially at the same time.


Good news though: Their Iced Coffee is reason enough to pop in – whether to sit inside for a bit, or pass through their cafe counter outside.

The general ambiance of Dapper Coffee Co. is exactly the vibe you get from the name: A fine, crisp space, that is comfortable in how it fits in with the contemporary Cape Town lifestyle; After all, Club 9 is known to play host to local art exhibitions, as well as event evenings.

I give Dapper Coffee Co. a solid 6.5/10

Come here if you love places like ‘Yours Truly’, or want to escape your life and play James Bond in Q-Branch during your lunch break.

Tel: 021 823 2444


Address: Corner of Bree and Strand St.

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  1. totally dude!Its a pretty chill spot, and another solid work space for bloggers, along with 91 Loop, Lolas Cafe and Yours Truly.

  2. I’ve only been to Club 9 once for a blog event but it seems I should return for some Dapper Coffee!

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