Travel South Africa: Escape to the White House Beach Villa

It is 2017 people!


Forgo the sticky, heated hustle-and-bustle of city life, and all those predictable travel destinations, for something different (read: amazing).

Retreat from the post-festive season sadness and genuine January/February funk, by escaping to a luxurious South African beach destination in Yzerfontein, called The White House Beach Villa.

The white shingle-clad, three-storey abode on the Pearl Bay beachfront, is impeccably designed alongside fynbos-laden sand dunes, and its purpose well thought out:

“It is well-known that writers, artists and musicians need a lot more time alone, to reflect, than most people. The White House provides the ideal atmosphere for the artist, musician, writer, poet or anyone wanting to explore their creative being. Wake up to the sound of the ocean where all things stressful become a distant memory, allowing you space to think and unwind.”White House Beach Villa

Dressed in a Ruff Tung Kimono

From their website alone, you can gleam how the White House Beach Villa offers ultimate privacy and beach-front tranquility. Initially designed for the purpose of primarily being a shoot location for stills and film, the villa currently features modern minimalist decor with expansive, traditionally Hampton’s-style beach house opulence.


Built using natural materials and rich textures, the villa’s open-air style and elegance, proves soothing and romantic.

I arrived riddled with flu and Tonsillitis, weariness and quite a bit of excitement. It was a relief to drive into the driveway, and see that the actual villa surpassed its online imagery. I immediately felt too relaxed to do much more than soak up the ambiance, over a glass of wine and good food. We saved the welcome bubbly gifted to us by our gracious host, for morning Mimosa’s

… because the villa vibe demanded it.

This luxury villa can hold up to 6 people comfortably, and comes equipped with: a fully furnished farmhouse kitchen, reading nook, wine cellar, bathrooms on each floor, dining area, AND a living room, among other things.

Every individual can wake to a beach-front view from the comfort of their bedroom, as even the airy bedrooms that open to the patio, leave no guest behind to not experience the unparalleled relaxation that comes with staying by the ocean.

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My masters bedroom was the optimal option for consummate comfort and seclusion; the intimacy and privacy, also offering up a breathtaking view to wake to, bathe to, and toast to!

Not going to lie: I may, or may not, have shed a tear when having to part with the bed and bath in my room. We were going strong and steady for all of two days, before I had to call it quits and take the hour-long drive back to Cape Town.

...I miss you bed, bath and beyond!

Town Tourism

I preferred to soak up the chill of my villa, but there is life in the small town of Yzerfontein. Here’s a few things you can get up to besides visiting the smattering of restaurants there:

  • 16 Mile Beach – South Africa’s longest stretch of beach
  • Arts & Crafts Shop at !Khwa ttu – They display only genuine arts and crafts produced by the San people.
  • Blombosch 4×4 Nature Trail
  • Darling Stagger- One of five slackpacking trails in the Cape West Coast Biosphere, it is 25 kilometres for you to do in 2 and a half days.
  • Dassen Island Lighthouse – the most isolated manned lighthouse on the South African seaboard.
  • Ridge Riders Sandboarding
  • Vyge Valley Farmers Market –  on the last Saturday of each month, a fresh produce market pops up.

Architectural Style: 8/10

Decor & Character: 8/10

The ostriches and other bird ‘wildlife’ add sooo much humor and character to the experience of staying at this villa. Binoculars and books on bird-watching are available among the villa’s book collection. My friend did leave me behind as she nervously took flight out of fright, from a nearing ostrich at the beach (we can laugh now, but I read her the riot act when we escaped the Ostrich that wasn’t even trying to start something).

Facilities: 7/10

Did I mention they’ve got everything you need to make a fire – whether to do the SA thing and Braai, or to stay toasty in-doors.

Also, How did I not tell you guys about the out-door shower?!

Listen: soooooo plush!

Felt like a surfer babe for sure.

Disability Accessibility & Comfort: No, 4/10

You’ll have bedroom and bathroom access on any of the sleeping floors you’re placed on, but without elevator usage to manoeuvre between levels, and secure safety bars to use the facilities.

Family Friendly: Yes, 8/10

Children over the age of 5 are welcome.

Also, there’s quite a few games for everyone to play. We chose JENGA!

Rooms: 7/10

Pretty roomy.

Location: 7/10

Roadtrippy, but still convenient.

An hour-long drive from the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town; a quick stop at Spar (the sleepy towns’ nearest and only grocery shop), and then a scenic, traffic-free 6 min drive to the clean, beautiful and functional villa.

The White House Beach Villa has is own private beach with a direct, well-placed pathway.

I sure made use of it to frolic in the water, and soak up some sun on the sand.

Value for Money: 9/10

Surprisingly affordable when travelling with a group, or for a special occasion.

Contact Details

180 Dassen Island Dr
Yzerfontein, Western Cape, South Africa

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