Cape Town foodie escapades: Dalliance Restaurant Review

So I get a lovely invite in my mailbox, welcoming me to come dine in the newly revamped urban eatery Dalliance Restaurant & Bar – located within the ‘gold mile’ of Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, in Cape Town.

I eagerly accepted the gracious invite to a place I dismissed entering before, due to the assumption of what an expensive dalliance it would be. I dragged my friend Amanda along for the dining experience I had hyped myself up for.

Welcomed with warmth and a glass of MCC sparkling wine, we were seated at a table with a rose-tinted sunset view of Granger Bay. One diligent waiter and a menu perusal later, and we were ordering and sampling the starters over a glass of light wines and giggles.

I have a particular affinity for sea food, and had the Calamari with pineapple, peppers and vinaigrette. The starter was a little light on the spices, but rather lovely on texture and presentation. My well-flavored South African palate would have loved a generous hand on spices, but I can understand how accommodating of other foreign palates, such an establishment would have to be – being placed in the near center of such an international mall and all.

Anyway, my buddy Amanda had the Trinchado, which is braised beef, chili, garlic, and a baguette. The nibble I had on her starter, led me to believe the beef was over the threshhold of well-done, and in husk dry territory; Its saving grace being the baguette and caramelized chili & garlic – that’s not to say we wasted a single bite of both our dishes…I mean…it IS food.

The main dished on option at Dalliance, are what they should be proud of. It is the main thing I’d dally with at their restaurant. I fell for my Kingklip in Tempura Batter & pean mint puree immediately, while Amanda’s Line fish with green beans and lemon caper butter, went down the tumtum swiftly.


The local wines served, did play their part in rounding up the mains alright, fulfilling nature.


A restaurant going wrong with dessert, is always so depressing for me, so I’m very glad Dalliance didn’t mess around with my sweeties. A fondant with vanilla ice cream had me 5 minutes from sleep, but I did my best in maintaining the whole ‘professional blogger who is totally not falling asleep after being fed’ front.

Save for the high-pressure of having to tweet about the dining experience, within a limited time frame, I do believe I had a reasonably okay time.

I’m enamored with the duck egg blue, copper and wood decor. I had the bustling kitchen on one side, the peaceful ocean on the other, and a cornucopia of luxury shopping establishments all in my eye-line.

If you’re in the vicinity of V&A Waterfront, and find yourself in need of a quick bite in an industrial chic eatery with a view of the Atlantic, Dalliance is an approved stop.

They get a 6/10

…would recommend if I didn’t love a few other places’ menus more.


Image courtesy of Dalliance website
Image courtesy of Dalliance website

Tel: +27 (0) 21 418 1037

Shop 7216A, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday, 8am to 11pm

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