Travel New York: The Klaasy way to tourist 2.0

Everyone who has been to The Big Apple atleast once, has their own kernels of wisdom for the next person. The essentials I have for you so far, are simple:

For a little soul

Carry a piece of African soul with you, on your travels.

Soul Design is a Cape town-born brand dedicated to artisan jewelry. I love their pieces. I’ve worn golden bangles and rings, and so much more from this cool brand.

For dealing with your baggage

Colette Hayman has the handbags needed to lug about all your baggage.

In different shapes, sizes and design, these handbags will leave everyone who sees you, envious.

Make a trend of your need to carry your life around.

For surviving the weather stylishly

With that darned humidity, the only thing necessary beyond all reason, is a maxi dress. Thank goodness for Michelle Ludek‘s incredible new collection – with all that ventilation and beautiful design.

The new collection is available online. I managed to rock several of her dresses: The Jade Dress, The Genevieve, and the Bella Dress – All so fantastic for a feminine silhouette.

For art beyond museums

Get your hands on the earring bling from Lorne Jewelry and the Afrigarde neck pieces. Nuff Said!

For all your personalities

Hair is a fun way of showing you are a different person today, so I love my Melanin Magic Hair for letting me flip long and luscious locks while networking, and exploring.

For a Proudly South African take on street style

Slay all comers in sophisticated EKTA, classy chic Erre, stylish Melanin Magic Clothing, and flattering Ruff Tung.

See the other awesome necessities of Klaasy New York travel here…

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