Jeans Evolution: G-Star’s raw new strategy

It was in a modified chic space on 10th Avenue, at the tail end of New York Fashion Week 2017, when G-Star Raw unveiled the second coming of the G-Star Elwood X25 in collaboration with music savant Pharrell Williams.

The cavernous space was transformed into a cool laundromat with a sequential mood board labelled & decorated to embody each prints genesis. This served as a perfect abstract backdrop for the unconventional designs and the star-studded attendees, which included electro soul duo Lion Babe, actor Jaden Smith, renowned International Photographer Trevor Stuurman, and actor/model Broderick Hunter.

The Elwood X25 jeans evolve the one-dimensional wardrobe staple through 25 prints reimagined on a classic. The jeans are pushing people to stop wearing denim which blends in, and to rather build up their daily looks around unique X25 jeans in a range of prints inspired by the natural world(such as leopards, whale sharks and poison dart frogs), and inlaid with the very spirit of rich Japanese and Indian design motifs.

In an exclusive quick fire interview, the G-Star Director of Marketing Strategy Sean Gregory Peron set the brand apart as realistically exceptional from the denim herd, because G-Star is not “really satisfied with the heritage and authenticity that you get from other denim brands. Most brands kind of look to the past, and recreate what jeans have always been…We respect that, and we love it; but we are much more interested in how to make jeans for the future.”

One of the X25 jeans styled in real world street style

Dressed in rococo-print jean shorts, a white T and blue jean jacket, ‘Skateboard P’ a.k.a Pharrell served his archetypal street style, encouraging fashion soundbites and indulgent selfie moments during the presentation – which saw crowds lining up in the rain for a whole block, just to witness G-Star’s new offering.

Pharrell was not chosen lightly.

The G-Star Director identified Pharrell as being a kind of linchpin in their mission for ‘future-proofing’ denim; stating that his like-mindedness for sustainability, design, and pushing the bounds of regular thinking and styling, made him ideal.

The new prints curated by Pharrell Williams were released on the 16 October 2017, according to Vivid Luxury

“Craft. Engineering. Future. Denim.” – The four words which champion G-Star RAW, according to their Director of Marketing Strategy Sean Gregory Peron.

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