Cape Town foodie escapades: Bosjes Review

I’ve only been back in the country for a bit, but I wanted to keep the momentum going, of all the fun foodie and travel escapades I’ve had.

Luckily, there’s a gorgeous gem of a place located a road trip away from Cape Town, at the foot of the Waaihoek Mountain.

Today’s foodie escapade takes us to the valley of Breede, to Bosjes Wine Estate.

The Breede Valley may bless visitors with a panoramic view of rolling green hills and mountains, but it’s what lies on the Bosjes Estate, that makes this place truly travel-worthy.

They had me bird watching and hiking in a zen (as f*ck, pardon my language) hill, laden with carefully chosen flora and fauna, and a pathway that leads to spiritual enlightenment..and a view you may have to catch a breathe at.


“The Chapel, inspired by Psalm 36:7 was designed by Steyn Studio of London and appears to rest lightly on the body of water before it. From inside there are spectacular views of the valley, and one can appreciate the peace and quiet of the immediate environment.” – Bosjes

Image courtesy of Bosjes

The surrounding fields and gardens, have a large portion of pretty flowers to ogle or snap photos alongside as many wedding parties do; and there are plants visitors (but especially, nature enthusiasts) are encouraged to maybe grab a souvenir leaf or bud from.

You build quite the appetite experiencing this place’s humble grandeur…so  I immediately turned my gaze to where the food is at, after the tour.

Image courtesy of Bosjes

My Meal

Bosjes has 2 eating options on their property: The Tea Garden and the Bosjes Kombuis.

I’m going to be frank with you: You’re screwed! They’re both too good at serving the yumyumms and sippidy sips.

The Tea Garden aligns with the idea of a rest-stop/quiet corner to be “one with nature”, while you indulge in goodness, without flying head first into gluttony.

The Bosjes Kombuis is a restaurant I’d travel a good hour for. The Summer menu is splendid.

I began with the Soup of the day: Lamb Soup.

Best decision I ever made.

The soup is good enough to be a main course. It is ridiculously flavorsome. The meat is succulent and tender☝️and? This entire dish is just wholesome as all f**ck!

The Main course was a departure from my usual orders. I was “all about the bass…the bass…” , no hake, yeah! (don’t judge me!)

This is the Pan fried farmed sea bass, with creamy mash potatoes, willed greens and mussel veloute.

I don’t know how to sell how good this dish is, without sounding like I got bought…but you know all the good things people say about fish?

Just cut-and-paste the good reviews. It was a lovely main course.


My eyes damn near rolled back into my head and saw black Jesus after I dug into this Chocolate wonder of a dessert.

I want to marry this.

I want to have chocolate babies with it…that’s weird, but that’s how I feel. It’s so f*cking good.

Damn you Bosjes!


Put simply: Bosjes has a beautiful landscape garden that wont quit, quality dining experience to draw in every foodie far and wide, and a Chapel of renown -an architectural masterpiece lauded globally, as splendorous.

If the grounds and panoramic view, are not enough for you, then come for the tranquil ambiance and the exterior design: The bistro-style restaurant has wonderful glass walls, a wooden terrace and high ceilings.

“The outside wall features a Delft-inspired mural designed by Cape Town-based artists Lucie de Moyencourt and Michael Chandler. The Bosjes Tree of Life is made up of 366 tiles and depicts the fauna and flora of the farm and its surroundings.” – Bosjes

I will return for the modernist nature aesthetic that sweeps you off your feet, and most assuredly I will return for the impeccably well-made food. The cool restaurant chef, Kim, has created quite the inviting simple menu.

I’m really loving this spot guys. It get’s a 9/10.

What about the health nuts & vegetarians?

You’re going to have to ask somebody.

From a layman’s point of view, you have like 3 good options, but I HIGHLY recommend calling in to get specifics on what might work with your health nut selfdom and vegetarianism.

Also, the ingredients from all the food, seem just genuinely fresh and healthy…so that helps, right?

Bosjes Wine Farm

Bosjes, R43, Western Cape, South Africa

Opening Hours
Bosjeskombuis is open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday
10:00am – 16:00pm
Booking is essential

Tel: (023) 004 0496

Email: |

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