Travel South Africa: Escape to Shortmarket Street Apartment

Is Cape Town CBD’s hospitality moment over?

Efforts to find reasonably priced places in the city, to rest your head without sharing said bed with bugs & room with other beings, leave most visitors to the Mother City frustratedbut I found a neat gem.

There is a hospitality establishment with its interiors painted in soothing aqua tones, mounted right along Greenmarket Square – the second oldest public site in Cape Town.

While the square has deep historical significance which resulted in its classification as a National Monument in 1961, the self-catering space visitors can rent out, is the antithesis of traditional style.

Welcome to Purple House‘s Shortmarket Street Apartment.

Purple House is a bespoke hospitality collection, with a focus on pairing local and international travelers to Cape Town, with a hospitality offering they can enjoy.

De Waterkant, where Purple House HQ is situated, is a celebrated sub-district in Cape Town’s Green Point area, and boasts a kaleidoscope of narrow houses, gorgeous greenery, and corner cafes & bars .

The neighborhood is known as one of the foremost lifestyle areas to explore here…especially considering the celebrities you could spot.

South African-born Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, has been spotted in De Waterkant after a yoga class, when last in the city.

The Shortmarket Street Apartment is 1 of 5 colorful properties within a 2 mile radius of each other, and are built to comfortably accommodate families, young professionals, friends, vagabonds and more.

I visited the Shortmarket Street Apartment, and there’s honestly more than meets the eye, in this secreted away space.

Architectural Style: 8/10

The Shortmarket Street Apartment is housed in the Kimberley House building, with a history that tracks back to the early 20th Century.

It’s beige and rusty-red painted exterior, is in stark opposition to the entryway – glossy in a deceptive way that reminds me of reception areas in New York’s’ Upper East Side apartment blocks.

The 77m2 apartment itself, is a one bedroom and en-suite open plan, wherein one living area seamlessly flows into another. The lofty loft-like apartment maintains the corporate suite interior design of the hotel previously operating here, and it makes for a beautiful, easy space to stay in.

*Note – The property is ideal for couples & singles(…like me!).

Decor & Character: 8/10

I’m a sucker for unassuming rich colors, elegant furnishings, and treasured eclectic antiquities.

The Shortmarket Street Apartment has a cool palate that could have left visitors shivering, had it not been for the deft hands styling the interior decor warmly.

Classic minimalism manifests in: the hardwood floors, significant space between furnishings, the clean white walls and bedding, as well as the furnitures’ staple shades of brown, sparse blacks, and beautiful splashes of bright colors like Turkish blue.

When you first open the door, it is to an amalgamation of modern art deco furnishings, ethereal artwork, delicate china finery, and tasteful antiquities lending character to the apartments elevated sophistication.

Even the lightbulbs in this apartment, make for gorgeous decor.

The light playing off of the window blinds in the lounge, brings warmth through the windows overlooking Greenmarket Square.

The bedroom is my favourite space.

Though I love to throw myself on King-Sized beds; from the clean comfort of the double bed, I have a view of the rooms hipster cupboard – designed as an extremely large metallic suitcase…and?

Clothing rails!

Any traveler or fashion lover worth their salt, loves to see their clothing breathing and stylishly hanging, in a well-lit space.

The other benefit of the beds location is being able to see the living room area, and bathroom simultaneously.

The one downside?

Such a large space, so close to the amazing market in Greenmarket Square, means the acoustics magnify the happy chanting and city bustle.

Fret not!

There is a solution modeled into the apartment: A wooden roof-to-floor sliding wall which muffles whatever goings on go on out there, and within the confines of the apartments secure space.

Makes for peaceful working conditions.

Facilities: 8/10

Choosing Shortmarket Street Apartment means you’ll be privy to, not only a lovely fully equipped suite, but a welcoming space in the center of the Mother City.

Some of my favorite facility details include:

  • The Nespresso coffee machine, which I diligently used daily.
  • Uncapped and seamless Internet Access  – an absolute need for any traveling professional.
  • Stylish SMEG domestic appliances.

I never knew I needed them in my life, until I saw how cute they were, and how well they work.

  • The spacious bathroom, with a fully functioning (big) bath, shower, toilet, large wall-mounted mirror, and a basin with counter space.

I’m not saying you need to have a photoshoot in it…but you have options folks!

The apartment may not have a balcony, but the high windows bring picturesque light and laughter to the space.

Exiting the building leads directly into a hub of African charm: a market for all manner of memorabilia goodies & entertainment, and a focal point wherein amazing foodie spots manifest round.

Food & Drink: 9/10

It’s self-catering at this apartment, but don’t despair: If the cappuccino machine and its amenities aren’t to your liking(which they were, to me), there is a literal world of foodie and drink spots to satisfy everybody from hungry vegans to adventurous tourists.

This 9/10 rating is due, predominantly because of the quality selections of dining establishments, in the area.

  • I recommend breakfast at Clarke’s on Bree Street
  • Have a lunchtime nibble somewhere fun like Burgers & Lobsters.
  • Sundowners require a rooftop bar like the Long Street bar at The Grand Daddy Hotel and Tjing Tjing Bar in Longmarket Street.
  • One of the many places to experience a quality taste adventure for dinner, is Sentir Tapas & Spirit Place, on Long Street. You cant leave Cape Town without atleast tasting dinner created by an Award-winning Chef & Baker.”

The self-catering apartment is right across the way from Foodlovers Market – a known and trusted fruit & vegetables, biltong, hot & cold foods, market. The prices are good and the food is even better. I have it nearly every day!

Location: 9/10

The location is best surmised by Purple House:

“We offer a fully serviced, self-catering apartment in a stylish art deco building built in 1929 on one of Cape Town’s oldest squares, with one bedroom and en suite bathroom. Explore Cape Town from this comfortable apartment right in the middle of the city…There is a selection of excellent restaurants, delis, bars and coffee shops on your doorstep.”

At your feet, lies the famous daily African crafts market and the Old Town House with the Michaelis Collection – less than 5 minutes walk to Long Street, Bree Street, and St Georges Mall.

Value for Money: 9/10

Purple House’s prices are not beyond the realm of reason, and this apartment in particular, is ideal for those craving a luxurious experience for a bargain.

Shortmarket Street Apartment

34 Shortmarket St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

Tel: 021 418 2508



HQ Address:

23 Jarvis Street
De Waterkant
Cape Town

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