Cape Town Foodie Escapades: The Daily Coffee Cafe CBD Review

Rustling footsteps, and curious glances – everybody walking across Cape Town’s central business district, and into this inner-city mall, is intrigued enough about the large clean windows, that they slow down and peer in.

The widespread popularity of affordable caffeine and its accessibility in a hurry, has influenced a behavioral shift among SA’s working population. Everybody from an Advertising Accounts Manager, to the Builders in the city, are willing to make the time for a cuppa, during their hectic day…which is why today’s foodie spot, get’s a nod for its location choice, just to start.

Welcome, to The Daily Coffee Cafe in the Cape Town City Bowl.

I didn’t have to hear from owner Talita, about what the inspiration behind this cafe theme was, because it makes itself known in the most respectably stylish way.

Iron Grey walls, a speckling of greenery, exposed induct rial elements, art deco sensibilities, and lightly treated wood, makes the interior a resounding echo of Karoo minimalism & charmingly intimate New York cafe’s, which The Daily is inspired by. It seems weird to marry Karoo and New York, to one establishments theme…but it works.

“Our truly South African coffee café, based on world-class standards, brings a new experience to Cape Town’s central business district – seclusion for a lingering me-time breather, a homely corner to catch up with a friend, an appealing ambiance for business discussions and a hassle-free setting to treat the family.”

…but what of the food?

My Meal

A new menu is on the horizon for The Daily, but that’s not to discount the merit of the cafes current selection...and what a selection it is!

Those on the run, or in need of a moment to indulge, can all be left satiated on a singular menu that includes: simple but hearty Breakfast(there’s something sweet, and a whole lot of goodness and savory available), a lunch meal that wont break your bank account(everything is less than a ZAR100), some salads, toasties, snacks and more.

Need something catered? They’ve got snack platters that will leave you food drunk.

Anyway, I had a Club Sandwich.

Bite into a little (read: alot!) chicken mayo, greens & tomato, cheese, BACON, and 3 Slices of fresh bread.

The sandwiches construction was executed perfectly, to ensure the bread did not get soggy; the chicken mayo had the perfect chicken-to-mayo ratio, and the greens and tomatoes actually glowed colorfully from between this food mountains folds.

The best part of the meal, was the side of chips though. The Daily serves hot and fresh, fried chips – lightly seasoned – and they are AH-MAZING!


Don’t be discouraged by the fact that I didn’t have any – I simply had no space after that filling, quick sandwich.

The Daily has an interesting mix of cafe cakes and desserts to leave your sweet-tooth shuddering. Want some Apple strudel? a little wafflepop maybe?

Guess you’ve gotta match the glorious cup of bean water you order there, with a sweet nibble…or a tasting tray! (those are available to order too!)


Where they could have gone typically Cape Town with their decor, menu and ambiance, The Daily Cape Town City Bowl takes a chance, and you should probably take a chance on them too.

“Inspired by the café life so prevalent from Cape Town to New York, we pride ourselves on excellent, professionally made espresso coffee and coffee-related drinks, as well as good food.”

I’m really loving this spot guys. It get’s a solid 7/10.

What about the health nuts & vegetarians?

“Nuts & Other Allergens are used in our kitchen. Please inform us of any allergies.”

Vegetarians have options, but to veer on the side of caution and optimism – may I suggest you check their online menu, speak to the staff, or call in about your specifications.

From a carnivorous perspective, all I can say it that the ingredients from all the food, seem just genuinely fresh and healthy.

What of the drinks & booze?

This is a coffee cafe,and that is indeed what they excel in by way of drinks. Their beans happen to be the beans neez, because the blend results in a rich and layered taste experience, which isn’t harsh to the taste buds.

Order anything from a Moccachino, to an Americano; try their Con Panna, or settle for a trusty cappuccino, and you wont be dissatisfied. I’m almost sure!

The  Daily is working on their liquor licence, so stay tuned to experience what they’ll do with that – all I know is that you’ll probably end up  there for First Thursdays, atleast once.

If you’d like some tea – as I do love Earl Grey – order from a selection that includes Red Karoo tea, Chai latte, and even leaf tea.

There are smoothies, soft drinks, frosties, frappe’s, juices and water…but really, if you’re in The Daily Coffee Cafe, atleast try one cup of coffee.

The Daily Coffee Cafe City Bowl get’s an all-round 8/10.

The Daily Coffee Cafe Cape Town CBD

58 Strand Street

Picbel Parkade

Ground Floor

Cape Town City Centre

Cape Town, 8001

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 07:00 – 17:00
Sat: 09:00 – 13:00
Sun: Closed

Tel: (021) 418 0926


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