Travel South Africa: Escape to Allée Bleue Wine Estate

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.” – Lord Byron

Fall is seen as the season of death and decay, nature shedding its past successes and biding its time before unleashing a whole new plethora of flaura in all its finery. I enjoy the tapestry of burnt greens and sunshine.

The beach may be all-encompassing of the depth and vast expanse of my wanderlust, but in-land getaways have their charm. It’s a blessing to be at the point in world history, where such lush green spaces, seem easily accessible to me…where I don’t have to fight for a seat at the table, or the lawn.

In the famed & sleepy Franschhoek, rests a rather secluded wine estate with interiors harmoniously marrying country tradition and warm modernism to grand effect.

Welcome to Allée Bleue Wine Estate.

Franschhoek is known for its serenity and lazy sunny days, but it is celebrated for its wine experiences.

Allée Bleue, known to be one of the oldest wine farms within the area, is here to offer you their own take on the Wine-o’-clock experience. You are to drop your troubles at their elegant ‘blue avenue’ driveway, and don the sense of calm available to you within the estates many comfortable spaces…your mood helped along considerably, with some exceptional wines.

I had the opportunity to explore and enjoy Allée Bleue estate, and took to touring the fully equipped event and conference venues, the bistro for a spot of breakfast, the fresh produce shop, as well as spending the night at one of their stunning accommodation offerings.

“The Dauphin family have set the benchmark with Allée Bleue – an unparalleled location, elegant yet modern. An exceptional estate creating unforgettable memories.” – Allée Bleue

I never take these experiences for granted, and so I revel in each and every opportunity to frolic in nature.

Architectural Style: 8/10

The white-on-white shell of the Cape Dutch Architecture, situated throughout the estate, do not overpower the exceptional views of the long stretch of land that makes up the estate.

The Manor House, where I got to spend a night, was originally a storage barn. I saw the bare bones of its previous life in the sheer scale of the building, the green front door with a window above the front door, use of local wood for beams, the subtle curves evident when caressing the bright walls, and the steadfast grey thatch roof.

Emil & Gundel Sogor were the artists and designers tasked with shaping the identity of Allée Bleue. The distinct identity the team crafted, manifested beautifully with the combination of plaster-work to the original walls, dramatic lighting, and sash windows.

One does not feel claustrophobic within the humbly decorated building, nor while exploring the lush, green grounds.

It’s said that the architecture of the Cape Dutch, is the most important contribution settlers had ever made to world culture…makes it worth a visit atleast, right?!

Decor & Character: 7/10

There is something to be said of the strategically placed antique furniture at Allée Bleue’s Manor House, which helps in blending traditional (African) decor choices, with the pops of ultra modernity in each space.

The French vibe which the estate boasts- among the many in the area – lends an air of sophistication, where many stylistic choices could have come off tacky.

I’m entranced by the walled garden, lawns edged with lavender and iceberg roses, and the herb gardens seen at picture-perfect levels from the Manor’s two converted luxury private suites.

Close the farm-style villa shutters, and you aren’t closing yourself away from beauty, warmth or comfort.

There are signature paint effects and Emile Sogor artworks which loom impressively from the walls of the reception rooms and elegant dining areas.

As far as character is concerned, the Allée Bleue Manor House is interesting – Isn’t that enough, sometimes?!

Facilities: 7/10

You get a terrace, 2 private luxury suites, reception rooms, dining quarters, wireless internet access, and 24-hour security available to any visitor.

There is a hosting bar area bedecked in earthstone necklaces and a rather loud industrial bar fridge; there is a study area on the first floor of the Manor House, parking galore across the estate, a wine tasting lounge a short walk away from any of the buildings, as well as a bistro for your complimentary breakfast.

The facilities are suitable for tourists, business travelers, small groups, conference-having companies, wedding parties, newlyweds and wine lovers.

Only much needed item within every bespoke estate accommodation, is Netflix or Showmax, rather than the dated DSTV.

Food & Drink: 6/10

There is a bistro for your dining pleasure – and its nothing to sniff at. No frills to distract you; Just a simple, nice dining experience.

Breakfast could be an Eggs Benedict or Full English – just make sure you eat something before rounding up your trip with a chic Allée Bleue picnic.

The picnics here, are the stuff of legends.

Find out more from my dining review here.

I heart the cheese platter & white wine combination that preceded my arrival to the Manor House.

Cranberry Blue Cheese is INCREDIBLE!

Disability Accessibility & Comfort: Yes, 6/10

Historic (and beautifully restored) properties, Kendall Cottage and Mill House, seem to be the other 2 Accommodation options at Allée Bleue, which could offer bedroom and bathroom access on any of the ground floor rooms you’re placed on.

Do make sure to inquire about whether the room you’re being placed in, have safety bars to use the facilities, as well as the other necessities of your optimal hospitality experience.

Manor House would not be a convenient option for the differently-abled, as the suites have only staircase access and no safety bars within their bathroom facilities.

Family Friendly: Yes, 6/10

Under the supervision of family and staff, children visiting the estate could frolic in nature to their heart’s content. The gardens are very conducive for enjoyment at all ages.

However, there are a number of precious deco items within the Manor House, for small humans to be curious enough to touch, prod or knock over (accidentally) within the Manor, as well as a fair few sharp corners to look out for. Take heed!

Location: 6/10

Just like Thyme & Tide Villa in Yzerfontein, Allée Bleue is roadtrippy, but still easily doable.

You’ll get to pass by miles of winelands and suburbs on your way to the picturesque Franschhoek.

Allée Bleue is ideal because it’s a good base from which to experience“the unforgettable charm of both old and new world…”(Allée Bleue)

Value for Money: 7/10

You get what you pay for, in: the pristine facilities, pretty decor, and functional and discreet staff.

The beds alone, are a dreamy cloud worth gushing about. Worth it!

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One gets their value for money with this room due to: the sheer size of the room, the soft linen, thick towels (…and gowns. Oh! Those cloud-like gowns), well-stocked amenities, and multiple flat screen televisions.

All that’s missing are small touches to ensure guests are prepared, like: daily personalized weather notes, and a tag marking distance and ideal jogging/walking locations in the vicinity.

Allée Bleue Wine Estate

Intersection R 45 and R310, Groot Drakenstein 7680, South Africa

Tel: +27 (0) 21 874 1021

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