Film Review in Session: Hunter Killer

I literally just returned from watching a new action blockbuster at Nu Metro cinema, produced by the same amazing cinematic masters who gave me (and…I guess you count too) ‘Olympus Has Fallen’.

The premise is quite straightforward: There’s an American submarine in distress, deep under Arctic Ocean icebergs. US Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) is sent to investigate as command, on one of the naval’s super secret advanced submarine fleet subs.

He’s got a crew new to him & his command style, and an apparent Russian coup underway – which America wouldn’t ordinary care about – but which actually threatens to dismantle the world order.

Glass has to make some of the toughest leadership & moral decisions, while navigating tumultuous enemy waters to save as many lives as possible in the grand scheme of things.

Basically: there’s just enough of a plot to satisfy critics, things blow up, there’s cool (real-world logical) technology, no smiles but 63% solid acting from the critically acclaimed cast, and a boatload of interesting naval/political strategy at play.

In this new film, intriguingly titledHunter Killer’, Gerard Butler’s character could essentially pass as the earlier incarnation of his ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ character – the backgrounds, personality, and mannerisms matching up perfectly.

It’s a rare moment of confusion and enjoyment, when the great dramatic acting chameleon Gary Oldman, is not the primary ‘bad guy’ in a movie.

I think I’ll savor it.

When it comes to the rest of the cast: You do not have to know any of the men and women’s names, nor their background, home life etc. There’s a thrill to being thrown in the (literal) deep end, and your focus geared towards wading through a bureaucratic puzzle, while in a tin underwater, where tensions run high – even for the most trained maritime officers.

From the minute Hunter Killer begins, you are restless in your anxiety.

It’s too real…your fear for the military teams dalliance with mother natures most terrifyingly dangerous element, almost choking.

This is one of the best action thrillers you’ll ever watch, for a few solid good reasons:

No Romance!

Call me weird but I don’t need romantic motivations for my central protagonist to return home. I don’t need forbidden romance between fellow military folks, or flirtations with officers of different rank and departmental affiliations.

Sometimes I just want straightforward strategize, blow s#*% up with a good use of functional sexy tech, lose a man or 2 in a moment where all seems lost, and a Bald Eagle & Budweiser American kickass comeback to save the world” type movie.

I got my quota for the year.

There’s also the fan-favorite movie experience, of movie websites which offer up more insights into the production of the film, or things they couldn’t fully add to the film. Anyone who has watched the 2012 comedy horror ‘The Cabin in the Woods’, has visited the (now inaccessible) website, to virtually view the intricate design of the stereotyped ‘Cabin’, as well as obsess over the extensive menu of horror & thriller folk, mythical, and pop culture creatures & beings in the antagonists barnyard.

Hunter Killer‘ is one movie which has a cool website to check out. |

Watching a movie at home can sometimes mean just putting something random on, to mindlessly stare elsewhere thinking. Going to Cinema has intent – whether escapism or thoroughly focused entertainment.

I highly recommend seeing ‘Hunter Killer‘ in cinema.

It is intense in its audience immersion.

You are a crew member. You feel bound by all the Naval rules; and subsequently, your life and those you love, are at risk. Imagine it! You’re probably not even American. The films lead isn’t even American, and yet there is an unquestionable American patriotism you maintain.

That makes for a fine movie if I do say so myself.

Watch ‘Hunter Killer’ at Nu Metro cinemas now!

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