Cape Town Fashion Week 2019: Day One Outfit of the Day

Those in the South African Fashion Week circuit, are very aware of the usual 2-day ‘Fashion Week’ revelry, but this year unveils a few more days of ‘fashion!’.

African Fashion International (AFI), the official South African Fashion Week organizer, has decided to reintroduce more interactive fashion, film, beauty, and art, opportunities, permeating with the progressively Pan-African #IAMAfrica motif.

In order to afford AFI the opportunity to redeem itself from lackluster years past, wherein attendees and locals weren’t offered the best of immersive Fashion Week experiences, I took a couple of days off from work, to fully engage.

Day 1 involved AFI ‘Masterclass’ Talks in a creative space removed from the cities Central Business District – Salt River. With the location in mind, I kept my Day 1 look comfortable and simple.

I’ve been blessed enough to work with PUMA, on a continuous basis, and its afforded me a capsule collection of some of their most comfortably chic pieces to re-wear.

This essential ensemble is a 2-piece PUMA Jogger tracksuits with ribbed/elasticized cuffs, and a fleece lining which provided me with day-long warmth and comfort.

My favorite part of the look, is not even me.

I am really a fan of the PUMA Defy Mid Varsity Sneaker – when last I wore these, I saw Beyoncé in the flesh! They’re the best kind of flexible, stylish and comfortable sneaker.

No hood means no unnecessary bulk, so that allows the wearer room for kiff hairdos and ventilation.

The ‘Masterclass’ Talks spanned the whole day, and while I was not always truly stimulated by the panels discussions, things magnificently heated up near the end, enough that I needed whatever fresh air came through my sweater.

Talks of Cultural Appropriation, the legalities involved in repatriating African artifacts from museums abroad, as well as dealing with Intellectual property infringement by global power houses, were definitely points of blinding fascination.

I was ready with questions and business cards, for one individual: Managing Director of Conde Nast Britain, Albert Read.

I’m still trying to deal with my awe.

So what do we think of the look at the very least?

Stay tuned for more #AFICTFW looks…

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