Cape Town Foodie Escapades: Pintxos Bar Review

Table Mountain may be Cape Town’s most famed geotag, but it is Bree Street which keeps proverbial tongues wagging around the city.

As a relatively seasoned world traveler, I have discovered that it is honestly the food & lifestyle culture of a town or city, which flavors a trip exquisitely.

Bree Street has stayed a steady course of culinary intrigue, with each eatery manifestation siren-calling reclusive foodie’s, 9-to-5’ers, hungry travelers, and passerby’s alike.

Today’s foodie escapade kicks bar food into high gear, at street level – and differentiates itself by being reasonable as hell & perfectly positioned as a stop-in you can legitimately have a quickie (drink & eat, that is!) in.

Welcome to Pintxos Bar at Sotano.

I do so love learning & eating at the same time.

Pintxos begins subtly educating its customers, with its name & subsequently, its way of grub:

Pintxos Bar (pronounced ‘peen-chos’) are small bites of Northern Spanish deliciousness, typically consumed early evenings after work. The small tasty bites of food served on bread or skewers use traditional ingredients like fish, cheese, olives and meats. 

My Meal

If it concerns South American cuisine, I believe the unspoken rule of thumb, is: It’s spicy, fresh, and delectable!

Pintxos ensures that the reputation precedes it, and is reaffirmed by its Basque cuisine offerings.

I have yet to encounter a bar in Cape Town, serving the likes of: Crispy Squid skewered with vegetables, Croquettes, Octopus and marinated peppers,  Prawn with boiled egg and Salmon roe on Ciabatta, Tuna remoulade with olives, and Cream Cheese and aoili with basil pesto.

The Beef shin & Mash is one of the bar foods here, to write home about. It looks surprisingly boujie, and has a level of taste & texture sophistication surprising of the foods current station.

The dining tradition of tapas, is usually a shared gastronomy experience, so there has to be a dish worthy of braving hungry hoards solo, to get me out of bed, or away from my regular haunts.
Inarguably my favorite of Pintxos Bar‘s offerings, is the perfectly prepared Wild Mushrooms and egg yolk, garnished in spring onions.

Do not think that that is all Pintxos Bar has for you.

Customers can also order: paper cones filled with Calamari, Hake croquettes, and servings of the displayed Proscuitto on the bone, by renowned charcutier Richard Bosman.


Pintxos Bar is not a place to forget…in part, due to its convenience in locale, prices and ambiance.

The bar is the ethos of (budget) Mediterranean living in the best way. The owners fascination with the hundreds of pintxos bars he’s encountered while in Spain, shining through in this Sotano establishments menu and trendy experience.

The lobby-style interior, with its: turquoise color bursts, crackling fire-place, intricately patterned floors, trickling of natural light, and rich browns reaching from exposed brick & woods, welcomes customers to congregate, chat, and nibble at Pintxos.

One may not venture out singularly for the bar, but once there for an early evening snack, Pintxos Bar makes a compelling argument as to why you should never leave.

What about the health nuts & vegetarians?

I do believe every body can find a snack or 3 to nibble on, while enjoying the convivial space at Pintxos Bar.

Did you see the treats beyond the glass display?

Did you note the rows of colorful veggie skewers, enormous jars of olives, marinated green chillies, and pickled onions?

You’re out of luck if you don’t like bread, cheese, pesto or potatoes though! Please visit the online bar menu, or contact the bar itself, for specific dietary requirement clarification.

What of the drinks & booze?

By my recommendation, splurge on the incredible cocktails made at Pintxos Bar.

They are actually carefully curated flavors, which meld quite harmoniously with the bar food.

I’m enamored with The Bentley.

Order The Bentley if you favor deliciously refreshing cocktails, made with the local Bottings Mpumalanga puree.

Local brews, MCC (bubbly) and celebrated wines like the 2018 Morgenster Vespri Vermentino, are also listed for those with more particular tastes.

Pintxos Bar at Sotano get’s an all-round 9/10

Pintxos Bar at Sotano

199 Bree Street Cape Town South Africa

Trading Hours
Monday to Saturday: 16h00pm – 23:00pm

Tel: (+27) 021 422 0567

General Enquiries:

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