Top 5 Stunning South African Hospitality Options Every Traveler Has to Visit in 2019 (Part 2)

It has taken a surprisingly insurmountable amount of time to pump myself to write this blog post.

I can’t explain it…mayhaps I’m going through the fabled ‘Writers Block’ many whisper about, but few scribe accurately.

I created a Music Playlist of all my favorite Indie | Folk | Rock | Alternative tunes, and suddenly found a glimmer of inspiration.

Picking up from Part I of this Hospitality review series geared at seducing people of varying demographics to seek the roads less traveled (as they begin to prioritize individual mental & physical wellness more), let me drag you along the dizzyingly vibrant hoarders paradise that is my mind, to recount some of my best sleeps, views, and revitalizing escapes.

Over the last 3 years, I have experienced a fair few exquisite getaways scattered throughout the Cape region of South Africa specifically. These hospitality offerings are, honestly, without reproach; guests left wanting for nothing (…except perhaps Netflix in some instances).

1. The Seaside Palace

You never forget your first…beachside villa that is!

I have visited the small town of Yzerfontein before; the home of the most isolated manned lighthouse on the South African seaboard.

I would be remiss in my duties as an enthusiastic traveler, had I not trampled South Africa’s longest stretch of beach – a whopping 16 mile beach!

Pearl Bay beach is also the home of some of thee most lovely luxe, and beautifully designed vacation houses situated on one strip.

Thyme & Tide villa, rests unassuming and grand near the stretch’s end, and belongs to leisure getaway rentals specialist The Beach House Collection.

Impeccably designed with scale & muted sophistication influencing its expansive clean, comfortable open-air living space, Thyme & Tide villa is two-storeys of ideal white shingle-clad R&R.

There are many reasons family’s, film productions, travelers and businesses seeking work retreats, choose this villa option: It has private beach access, a garage, alarm system, comfortably sleeps 14 people in roomy rooms, maintains a state of the art kitchen (industrial fridges included) with accompanying scullery & pantry, has plenty bathrooms, sea-facing breakfast dining area, as well as stunning formal dining space.

Visitors get to cook-out and fall asleep overlooking the ocean. A stay at this villa, is extremely good value for money, when travelling with a group, or for a special occasion.

There are a ridiculous amount of reasons to visit Thyme & Tide villa…To find out the rest, book your stay now!

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Nearby Recommended Foodie Spot: Save your money! Cook up a light feast, in their superb fully furnished farmhouse kitchen.

Address: 170 Dassen Island Dr, Yzerfontein, Western Cape, South Africa


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2. The Urban Oasis

Nothing is done in half measures when one is surrounded by wealth, which is why even Bed & Breakfasts need to pass muster if they’re nestled within the affluent suburb of Cape Town’s Constantia.

The Last Word Constantia has the feel of a rather stately two-storey summer home, despite its hotel status and Cape Dutch architecture. The hotels entrance is a hidden nook, revealing nothing of the fresh opulence beyond the hotels entryway.

Guests are checked-in with the courteous care embodied by the likes of Martha Steward; Scones & bubbly aiding frazzled nerves, as guests recline in a plush, Hampton’s-style interior.

The Last Word Constantia, has: nine comfortable rooms, four superior double rooms, and five suites equipped with heated floors, 300 thread-count sheets, fresh flowers, sherry-filled decanters, necessitated amenities and more

Heading to the rooms alone, presents a cathartic mini-journey through luscious evergreen gardens, past the hotels main sunken pool, and in proximity of their perfectly manicured lawn – with barely a glimpse of the city beyond visible from any corner of the property.

You may have written the hotel off had the above been all the hotel was bringing to the hospitality table, but some of the suites come with an utterly delightful (and Instagrammable!) private pool glowing neon blue at night.

The Last Word Constantia is a charming little spot to lay your head for sleep or tanning, and it just might be the last hotel in Cape Town suspended in a state of entirely intimate reclusion…is that not worth a visit?

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Nearby Recommended Foodie Spot: The Skotnes at Norval Foundation (Click here for full review)

Address: Spaanschemat River Road, Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa, 7806


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3. The City Perch

One of the best views of Cape Town’s natural wonders, can be experienced from a residential area parked on a mountain slope.

O on Kloof Hotel is a chic boutique hotel perched deep within the city’s recess, overlooking the magnificent Atlantic Seaboard.

Seeing the hotel from within its secure walls, showcases a building of blended architectural design – somehow finding a way to infuse a boutique hotel with the balance of: a clinical corporate office, the confined functionality of an inner city abode, and calm Asian sensibilities for aesthetic sake.

‘Cool’ is the most apt word to describe the initial greeting of O on Kloof – everything from the cosmopolitan building, the air, and the bubbly greeting guests, is cool and sedate.

Warmth eases into visitors bones as they slowly walk into the hotels lobby/bar/lounge space marked with dark wood, burgundy bar seating, textured & patterned  furnishings and a wall full of books...the service is nice too!

Choosing to stay in one of O on Kloof‘s luxury suites means: sleeping on a king-sized bed with fine linen, getting evening turn-down services, plush bathrobes, a caffeine fix with the in-room Lavazza espresso machines, as well as an opportunity to luxuriate in the en-suite bathroom; not to mention the private Jacuzzi spa bath on ones patio.

There are far worse things to do with your time, than enjoying R&R time in a compact city oasis with a panoramic sea view,  indoor pool and Spa(I recommend the African Shea Aroma-therapeutic massage).

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Nearby Recommended Foodie Spot: Upper Bloem Restaurant (Click here for full review)

Address:92 Kloof Road, Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa


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4.  The Coastal Catch

Abalone House is the epitome of eclectic bohemia; marrying the rustic escapism of sleepy seaside towns with tempered eclectic decadence, which luxury boutique hotels and guesthouses are notoriously celebrated for.

Guests at Abalone House, are greeted with bubbly, and a seat at a quiet table with a panoramic view of one of South Africa’s best coastlines.

Paternoster is one of Western Cape’s distant coastal treasures. The fishing village is one of the oldest in South Africa’s West Coast, and so Abalone House & Spa makes sure not mar the ‘Greek isles’ aesthetic Paternoster is rolling with.

If you don’t immediately experience your body letting go of its tension and exhaustion, you must not be soaking in this places’ visual gift.

Whitewashed fisherman’s houses, thatch roofing, and blue shutters, are the consistent design Abalone keeps to; humbling its exteriors so guests are pleasantly surprised at the interiors vast deviation – inspired by one Vladimir Tretchikoff, and complete with: wooden walkways & decking, a rooftop deck Jacuzzi, sheltered courtyard pool, acclaimed in-house restaurant, an over-sized fireplace, and even a Spa .

The hotel is encumbered with the owners own objects d’art, treasured memorabilia, crystal chandeliers and even Persian rugs with the most vibrant hues – and that’s just in the common areas of the guesthouse.

One of Abalone‘s finest suites amalgamates modern furnishings with wicker furniture, restored antiquities that should actually be at Sotheby’s auction house, as well as gorgeous jewel-toned fabrics.

Abalone doesn’t ooze character, but reveals it with austere control – whether that be in its potted plants, signature Tretchikoff wall prints, or ‘African’ ornaments.

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Nearby Recommended Foodie Spot: Reuben’s restaurant (Click here for full review)

Address: 3 Kriedoring St, Bek Bay, Paternoster, 7381, South Africa


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5. The Wineland Stopover

The Val du Charron Olive and Wine Estate is less than an hours drive from Cape Town, and is hidden 10 kilometers from a small town called Wellington.

The estate bears the benefit of being an ideal option for wine enthusiasts, as the large property is situated in the heart of the Cape Winelands, with the Val du Charron guesthouse nestled just at the foot of the Groenberg mountain.

The drive up to the main property lacks gilded gold gates and a looming grand mansion, because it has something even better: a view of demure natural splendor, stretching miles out to more burnt orange and green lands, and the shadow of the distant mountains.

Check-in may have been a bit of a doozy, but the carefully guided tour of the property and one of Val Du Charron‘s suites, was gratifying.

There is simplistic style to the hotels comfortable and minimalist interiors; somehow a laid back version of corporate hospitality.

The idyllic wine-tinted picture Val Du Charron wishes to set, is best exemplified in the (neo-Georgian/carriage house-looking) Coach House, wherein: its strong brown furnishings & beige finishes, are brushed over with interesting color, by a patio area with character.

If you choose to stay at the Val du Charron Estate, you can choose either their 5-star Coach House, or the 4-star guesthouse; with every room offering up some form of idyllic views out.

Get a well-rounded travel & lifestyle experience by driving 20min from Val du Charron, to The Spice Route, to experience a world of foodie/people-watching bliss.

Full Klaas in Session Review available by clicking here.

Nearby Recommended Foodie Spot: Bertus Basson Restaurant (Click here for full review)

Address:Bovlei Rd, Wellington, 7654, South Africa


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