Cape Town Fashion Week 2019: Day Three Outfit of the Day

Honestly speaking, Day 3 of AFI Cape Town Fashion Week, is actually Day 1 of Runway Day, and it is what many choose to gear their enthusiasm towards.

The ‘Masterclass’ Talks before Runway D-Day, concluded with the kind of cavalier disregard for formality, that an AFI events reputation precedes.

The #XAFI experience – identified as being an immersive art, photography, fashion and music opportunity for creatives and enthusiasts alike – was lackadaisical at best…and best forgotten!

Venturing away from the rustic factoryshop expressway that is Salt River, and back towards the Central Business District of Cape Town, Day 3 began with street style shots outside and then inside the International Convention Centre’s newest sector.

📷 @robynwalker / @stylemestrauss
📷 @robynwalker / @stylemestrauss

Let’s begin from the ground up, on my look, for once:

They call these the PUMA Jamming Fusefit Chameleon Sneaker.

Nothing I love more in these sneakers, than the cushioning given to me by the multicolored NRGY beads…it kept me bouncing through Fashion Week!

This day, I rocked the PUMA x Sankuanz Tracksuit Bottom with tonal striping, slick side seams with graphic novel type Sankuanz branding, and external drawcords.

These were actually a lucky find, at the PUMA Select store – last of their rank if you will.

Sankuanz‘ is a label by Chinese designer Shangguan Zhe – a semi-finalist of the coveted LVMH Prize in 2015, and an Asian designer with a cult-following due to his disruptive sportwear & vintage design amalgamation.

I like to think that anytime I have on PUMA anything, I elevate my normal streetstyle, into high fashion. I never choose my PUMA gear lightly, and they never fail to produce some of the finest & most comfortable pieces for sneakerheads and athleisure lovers.

One of South Africa’s finest and most celebrated milliners, Crystal Birch, and her impeccably crafted crowns of revelry, offered up the opportunity to not take myself, Fashion Week, or fashion, too seriously this season.

📷 @robynwalker / @stylemestrauss
📷 @robynwalker / @stylemestrauss

I truly enjoyed being googly-eyed in her #DisneyFuneral hat, available right now, at

Working on a Profile on her, so stay tuned to the blog for that!

The only beauty directive I gave myself for this days look, was muted glamour; and so I worked the following lovely makeup essentials into my regiment:

The Swiitch Beauty #BubbleBlush matte cheek tint palette

MAC Cosmetics Matte Rouge Red lipstick

…not forgetting my usual MAC Prep + Prime hydration spray, and MAC Strobe Cream pre-makeup application.

So what do we think of the look at the very least?

Stay tuned for one last #AFICTFW look…

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