Cape Town Fashion Week 2019: Day Four Outfit of the Day

The last day of AFI Cape Town Fashion Week  was jam-packed with shows, from 3pm till late – Verdict?

It was all wholly and wholesomely better than last years mediocre output, but still underwhelming for the innovative talent we know exists within the hearts of South Africa’s finest designers.

I had a whirl of an experience, watching the majestic Marianne Fassler show us exactly why she’s renowned.

I enjoyed Aphia Sakyi reminding people that clothes may be fashion week’s constant focus, but statement jewelry and wearable art should be in ones wardrobe arsenal.

There was many a designer I found favor with, and only 3 moments of loose threads spotted – always an irksome detail I notice on runways.

On the story of what I wore…well lets break it down:

I’m always pleased as punch when I get a hold of anything in navy, made by Michelle Ludek.

I spent the last day of AFI Cape Town Fashion Week, comfortably chic in the flowing and adaptable Molly Jumpsuit, available on her site.

The Michelle Ludek Jumpsuit is the perfect match to the showstopper Chain printed navy & gold hat, by Crystal Birch. I ended up being the envy of many a hatless heads, while networking between shows.

ICYMI: Crystal Birch is one of South Africa’s finest and most celebrated milliners, whose extensive variety of wild and tailored hats, are available right now, at

Working on a Profile on her, so stay tuned to the blog for that!

The winter chill is settling thickly over Cape Town, which is why I made sure to scoop this next find, soon as I spotted its lonesome self at the PUMA Select store – last of their rank if you will.

I wore this PUMA x Bradley Theodore reversible Bomber Jacket to Roast & Co’s #RoseAllDay brunch situation before Fashion Week, and right through till the end.

It has the perfect amount of drama, warmth and presence.

Bradley Theodore is a street artists who has entranced the world with his vibrant colorways and imaginative art. I am very pleased to have scored this rare encapsulation of wearable art.

Once again, the only beauty directive I gave myself for this days look, was muted glamour to ensure the outfits golds pop; and so I worked with the following lovely makeup essentials:

The Swiitch Beauty #BubbleBlush matte cheek tint palette

My usual MAC Prep + Prime hydration spray, and MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream pre-makeup application.

So what do we think of the look at the very least?

Stay tuned for the #AFICTFW runway review & my post-FW recovery…

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