Fashion Week 2019: The Style, Tech & Wellness Survival Kit

I have been at this Fashion Week thing, for years; Always heading into the week with cautious optimism for every little detail.

Fashion Week is a deeply exhausting affair, filled with conceptualization for the kind of content & angle I want to take, the kind of looks I want to showcase, negotiating pitches for my clothing, media accreditation, analysis of venue for optimal coverage, networking, and more.

Recovery, for me, can take days – my body needing me to slowly unwind the tension threaded into my muscles, and recalibrate myself mentally.

I have recently chosen an unassuming  gem situated along the highly sought-after Atlantic Seaboard, to recharge in this season: Romney Park.

“Romney Park, a historical 5-star hotel, is being refurbished into 26 luxurious sectional-title apartments where modern interiors meet traditional architecture.”

Leisure & Business travelers alike, find comfort, space, convenience and luxury, at this hospitable Cape Town establishment…I found rest & relaxation while gazing at their spectacular views with a glass of Pongracz MCC Rose, from the accommodating terrace.

For anyone at all, it’d make for a nice place to set-up for an event, or settle down for an extended reprieve.

So, in light of the necessity to recharge, a ‘must’ to survive fashion week, is considering an amazing place to gather your energies once again after the fact.

I recommend Romney Park if you’re in the Cape side – their heavenly bathtub, poofy towels, clean floors, plentiful storage spaces, calming (with a dash of dramatic) bedroom interior thematic, and incredibly helpful staff, make the Romney Park experience rather lovely.

If it isn’t the warmth & efficiency of the Romney Park team which provides welcome stability to one’s floundering Chakra, then it must be the deliciously decadent beds, plush terrycloth gowns, or mounds of fresh food, which brings renewed vigour and satisfaction, to Romney Park guests.

My other necessities, are but a few:

I favor the brilliant and affordable power pink Power Bank I got from Tech Collective.
This powerbank packs hours of battery for me, and has endured cross-continental travel, Africa’s heat, & Paris Fashion Week.

Of course my DSLR Camera makes the cut …but there’s so many moments happening too quickly and organically, to warrant the clunk of a Canon cam’, Thus: my trusty Sony Xperia, available at Hi_Online.

Beauty Essentials I cannot survive looking good without, include:

Swiitch Beauty Prime Time Kit ( lip care) – It is fantastic to lightly chemical peel your dead skin, and moisturize your plump, new skin.
Kimberly Grace Transitions Hair Mask
Minisco Face Mask
MAC Cosmetics Hydration Most (Prep + Prime) – You can find me front row, spritzing myself mid-runway show because my skin feels a little dry.
MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream – My generation is of the hydration and moisture persuasion, so I constantly have this Strobe cream for my face,
Swiitch Beauty Wet Glow Highlighter Palette

The only thing better than the TLC of a breakfast made with care, is the crisp refreshment of a Pongracz MCC Rose Mimosa ❤️

Bubbles are always good Fashion Week fun!

Anything PUMA is necessary!

I cannot stress just how needed comfort, style & durability are, throughout a fashion week.

There are many more Travel essentials, but you’ll just have to keep a whether eye on my social and blog, to catch up on what else you should invest in.

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