Womens Month: Musing on my Tech Journey to Becoming a Digital Nomad


They don’t really tell you about the realities of the job market, when they sell you on confirmed adulthood.

Those lucky enough to finish university, leave with a receipt of accomplished studying you can tick off the
‘adulting’ checklist, a debt, and few prospects that result in steady employment that values you.

Frustration, procrastination, and privilege, allowed me to seize, negotiate and craft a unique career path, which includes being a Digital Nomad.

Klaas in Session x Hi Online – one of my favourite tech sponsors!

I have students always asking me how they can also be bloggers, influencers, or brand ambassadors.

I don’t actually have the answers, because everyone comes about their online path a different way. I just tell people to “always follow your truth”, and then point them to really easy-to-use free sites like WordPress, to get started.

I studied what I loved…and had to internet stalk everyone with my dream jobs (as well as work internships and other prospects) to figure out how to make the media industry I wanted to be a part of, appreciate my contributions.

“…If you are attempting anything for a creative nature, no rules apply.” – Daniel Day-Lewis

There is power to choosing the right tech to keep your hustle going.

Some of the job titles I labour under, include:

Lecturer, Copywriter, and Research Consultant.

To sustain a life in a cosmopolitan city, means working hours longer than 9-to-5, and never being behind on any project, nor being out of touch.
It is a great luxury of setting up your own career path, to carry your playground with you, and share it with the world – sometimes having fun for a price, or terms that YOU set!

Gearing up with the right gadgets, means that a busybody like me, makes money going from lecturing to doing restaurant reviews – and hitting the red carpet for a good time, too.

One of my favourite things to do though, that gets me inspired and spirited enough to carry on blogging, is: finding a beautiful space which has been carefully thought out to accommodate a Digital Nomads needs, for a portable office in the city.

I enjoy cafes that stock Conde Nast Traveler, cosy bookshops, and inspired contemporary spaces, like those in Radisson Red.

On weekends, I enter those welcoming city spaces, plug in every necessary piece of tech I have for blogging on the go, and start reading titillating fashion think-pieces in Vogue online, or publish my thoughts & excitement on the latest box office release, while enjoying breakfast with a view.

I bucket list travel adventures published in The New York Times, from the convenience of my phone, or work on Lesson Plans and marks, both quickly and efficiently – without having to be plugged into a singular office space.

I realised a while ago, that I want to be an accessible South African representation of living pop culture dreams.

With a catalogue of awesome technology available at Hi Online, I have:

  • Immortalized my New York City ‘Gossip Girl’ escapades,
  • I’ve travelled to Hogwarts & visited Sherlock Holmes in London,
  • And I have virtually brought South Africans to thee most exclusive fashion week in the world – front row at Paris Fashion Week, and in real-time.

There’s no rule book anymore.
You can pay your bills without waking up to a one-office job.

Additionally, you can maintain the job you have, and live your best life by hustling more, using your tech savvy nature.
Write, consult, shop, or dream on your devices, and if you’re singular, authentic, strategic and skilled enough – good things may come.

Here’s my Top tech pick (available at Hi Online), empowering my work:
The Acer Spin Laptop

I simply cannot do without a laptop.

I have ideas about a travel series – which decide to make themselves known at all hours – so I need to have my devices constantly charged and working optimally.

The #SpinItYourWay Acer Spin Laptop looks set to be my new tech favourite – easily convertible for my Netflix viewing pleasure, slim & sexy enough to whip out in a meeting, and has faster than normal inner workings thanks to a kick-ass processor.

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