Solo Winter: Daring Delight at the Radisson RED

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Unapologetically RED

Offering a haven from the intrusions of the Cape, Radisson RED Hotel (Cape Town), is here for you – as warm as home, and alive with the frenetic energy of the city.

Skirting the edge of Cape Town’s relatively recent award-winning mixed use development, The Silo District, Radisson RED hotel fortuitously rests on hallowed industrious grounds deemed commercially viable.

The harbor-side history of the Grain Silo – neighbour to the only Radisson RED in Africa – was diligently preserved in design.

The other properties in the district, were mastered into exceptional sustainable spaces, that bring efficient functionalism, aesthetic appeal, and innovative design, to the fore of any visitors mind.

The District now includes:

  • No. 1 Silo – Allen Gray corporate head office & a commercial building
  • No. 2 Silo – 31 residential units
  • No. 3 Silo – 79 residential units
  • No. 4 Silo – State-of-the-art Virgin Classic Health Club
  • No. 5 Silo – Zeitz MOCAA, public plaza, and The Silo Hotel
  • No. 6 Silo – Radisson RED Hotel

Radisson RED itself, bears no lingering spirits in their hospitality homage to modernity and digital nomads.

One leaves the weight of tradition at the sliding door of Radisson RED, and steps into a contemporary image of African style.

The tasteful and bold interior design choices made everywhere from the interactive lobby space, to the peaceful rooms, are a testament to Dale Simpson’s balanced curation.

The hotel is honestly, an inspired experience; finding well-thought out ways to bring a sense of adventure and leisure to: eating, greeting, checking-in, shopping, sleeping, reflecting, and simply being in ‘a moment’.

As a Cape Town local working it at all hours, I am always trying to find new spaces to settle into for the day, for research or to play.

For the most part, a majority of Cape Town hotels have forgotten that locals are not the ‘forgotten step-child’.

It is actually feasible to be there for travellers and revellers.

Radisson RED is a dream of a working spot, for creatives and Digital Nomads.

The hotels ethos can calm you, inebriate, power you up, as well as inspire an individual to see more, and do more.

One is given the opportunity to invest (their time) in fun events taking place almost daily, or (money) to local startups whose wares are peddled in the lobby artistically.

Radisson RED isn’t just a hotel…It’s kind of, a way of life.

Spend mornings breaking your fast & working, lunchtime for sundowners & a massage, while RED evenings can be earmarked for entertaining pleasures like dinner and music.

Among the hotels ping-pong players, rapid typers, or ruckus rooftop groups, one could also find designers, vagabonds, or even business meeting stragglers.

There is something thrilling about taking all the necessities of hotel life, and adding, what is essentially, ‘the Millenial touch’, to them.

RED‘s spa offers simple massage treatments in a literal urban landscape, defiant of convention.

Graffiti wall characters lead visitors poolside, and locals are made to feel welcome too, as lekker brews & grooves are served upon the rooftop bar.

Oui Bar is there for simple grub one can eat solo or as a squad – titled & delivered with that quirky (read: hipster) artisinal flourish, which has become the inescapable staple of this city’s global foodie reputation.

Radisson RED settles into the Silo District with affable ease among its sophisticated concrete familials.

This hotel is dynamic in the best way –  topped off with one of the most uninterrupted panoramic views, of the 7th World Wonder.

I am crazy for this rad Radisson RED Hotel!

Radisson RED Hotel

Silo 6, Silo Square, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)87 086 1578


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