Solo Winter: Park it in at The Park Inn by Radisson, Cape Town (Foreshore)

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In hospitality, ‘outstanding’ does not mean expensive, or an excess of everything.

Radisson Hotels in South Africa (of the Radisson Hotel Group), have embodied the idea of ‘outstanding’ these decades passed, by the brand’s willingness to always do & be more than the norm – subsequently endearing themselves to gratified travellers.

So many hotel chains choose to remain stagnant, in a world where traveller needs & desires, are consistently changing.

Walking into one of my recent #Staycation haunts, The Park Inn by Radisson (Cape Town, Foreshore), is a lesson in clearly interpreting the modern travel economy, and how to deliver an outstanding experience to Radisson’s key market.

The 4-star Radisson property, is bred for convenient leisure.

From the minute visitors park it in at Park Inn by Radisson hotel, they are never out of touch.

Guests are connected with the hub of the city, with whomever they need to get in touch with online, and easily connected to Park Inn guest services whenever they need them.

There are connections in the way the hotel is designed to be compact in design, light in decor, convenient in location, and dazzling with mountain views.

There’s an antithesis, between the expectation & reality one may have of the Park Inn by Radisson (Cape Town, Foreshore).

The hotels glass panelled exterior is towering and glamorous, amid the cosmopolitan cityscape. Paradoxically, enter the Park Inn by Radisson (Cape Town, Foreshore), and one is greeted with a remarkably down-to-earth setup, from: the bright space opened up lobby-to-eatery, to the diverse group of efficient hotel staff welcoming visitors.

“We’re also responsible members of our communities, and we believe that taking care of our neighbors and our employees creates a positive environment.” – Radisson Hotels

After making it passed the diligent security, bellhop & guest services, ones journey to the rooms, further proves how Radisson’s contemporary adaptation of outstanding hospitality, extends to securing the bustling hotel.

Guests of the hotel, must make use of their room key cards just to take the elevator to their floor and activate their rooms basic features.

Care and comfort, are paramount for travellers, when hotels are being chosen.

However, the last 5 years has seen an increase in hotels betterment of their amenities specifically.

Hotels, Park Inn by Radisson included, stopped with excess bathroom supplies and exercising overwhelming control of guests in-room experience, and redirected their energies to solidifying:

  • Safe and speedy Wi-Fi connections
  • Compact work spaces for guests
  • Optimal storage of luggage and travel-sized foods
  • Secure parking
  • Pet-friendly facilities
  • Tech savvy environmental & hotel info controls
  • Polished gyms, pools, and/or yoga studios, and spa facilities
  • As well as expanding their breakfast offerings, to include different dietary requirements.

As a result of the hotels smart strategy to transform with the demands of global travel, any new or seasoned guest, is unequivocally: comfortable, a bit excited, and well-equipped, to rest, work or play, at Park Inn by Radisson.

My stay at The Park Inn by Radisson Hotel (Cape Town, Foreshore) was a much-needed reprieve from the chronic insomnia that plagues my usual REM cycle.

I enjoy the spaces I’ve crafted or chosen for myself, in the city.

However, everybody needs an occasional opportunity to bump their usual monotony – especially if its to crisp white sheets beckoning you in for a restful sleep (and maybe a snack or feast).

The Park Inn by Radisson Hotel (Cape Town, Foreshore) is meant to evoke those warm feelings of home, without resembling even an inch of your real stead…I think there’s something to chew on there, about escaping the visuals of home momentarily, but embracing the essence of home.

So well-thought out is this particular hotel, that guests never actually have to leave the property to experience the vibe of Cape Town. One of the highlights of a visit to this central business district-based hotel, is the drinking & dining options open to visitors.

“Wine and dine at the contemporary RBG Bar & Grill, offering local favorites and a variety of delectable options, or relax at our rooftop bar, Harald’s Bar & Terrace.

Here, with it’s perfectly positioned plunge pool, take in the breathtaking views of Table Mountain and the Mother City.” – Radisson Hotel

There is a positive and lasting impression visitors walk away with, when they leave the hotel.

It’s not bittersweet – The Radisson Hotel Group makes sure guests will return to them in another time, and at another one of their global properties, due – in large part – to their excellent Rewards/Loyalty program.

Park Inn by Radisson (Cape Town, Foreshore)

29 Heerengracht, Cape Town,8000, South Africa

Tel:+27 (21) 427 4800


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