Summer Fun: Haute Fashion Moments With G-Star RAW

G-Star RAW is a relatively well-worn example of contemporary heritage clothing.

With the brands rather youthful age, marketed edge, and its infamous fabric technique being what it is – its no wonder one would scoff at the idea of G-Star RAW falling into the esteemed ranks of heritage clothing…however, thee now prominent fashion brand, does!

During a recent event, heralding the start of jam-packed Cape Town summers, I got to view G-Star RAW‘s latest sartorial offerings.

My re-acquaintance with the Dutch brand that rose from obscurity way back in 1989, reiterated my established belief that G-Star RAW is all about:

  • A Classic Cut
  • Quality Fabric
  • And that Long-Lasting Wear!

Denim particularly, has always been dominated by the likes of Levis, and jean specialisations many have tried & tested, resulted in too pricey a production cost, to distribute globally.

In South Africa,G-Star RAW‘s ease into the market, was gradual and well-timed to the manifestation of our emerging (fashion-loving) market, with its discerning tastes, and a diligent focus as to which fashion houses garnered their investment.

We are all about quality, and good styling, but fashion designers and their representatives, now understand that the Gen Z & Millennial draw, is in merging fashion as integral to the lifestyle experience.

G-Star RAW has become a cult collectable, as well as having a name-draw.

I’m still loving their speciality of unwashed denim, as well as their raw, untreated denim. It’s what I’ve come to know them for, ever since I first picked up their catalogue, with actress Gemma Arterton playing ambassador.

They’re honestly symbolic of a much more polished urban style – Travel grunge for those with taste, if you will.

While denim may have been the name of the game at the launch of the new G-Star RAW collection, I know to keep to my beloved favourites when I need comfort.

I am rocking an kimono dress and high-waisted palazzo pants, by ERRE.

Jamming Fusefit Chameleon sneakers, by PUMA.

Red matte lipstick, by M.A.C Cosmetics

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