Outfit of the Day: Tonal Heritage Clothing & Burberry Musings

I live to resuscitate streamlined trench coats and heritage clothing, like the kind defined by esteemed luxury fashion house Burberry.

Don’t get me wrong: The gilded finery I occasionally tastefully style myself in, makes for an exquisite sartorial read

…but neutral basics are my most firm foundation of sophistication.

The Trouser

Truthfully, the ‘heritage’ umbrella term used in fashion, for heritage clothing, does not denote to any other heritage, save for Great Britain.

You may find the terminology used (somewhat incorrectly at times) in other instances, but the origin story – and the characteristics of the style themselves – render heritage clothing emphatically more British.

…Think less frilly vintage, and more: British upper crust going about their day at the manor, or fluttering about among their ilk.

Theirs is a durable, conservative sophistication – classic cuts (therefore no adventurous contemporary designs), and quality fabrics with a guarantee to be long-lasting in its wear.

I like the trousers that come from this particular style avenue, because it means timeless designs for my wardrobe.

I have worn and re-worn these black trousers, made in a woven fabric, for more than 2 years.

The high waist with pleats and a detachable tie belt, is deeply flattering on my voluptuous form. There is a concealed hook-and-eye fastener and zip fly, securing the pants far better than any singular clasp would.

Side pockets and tapered legs with creases, means (respectively): a slimming effect for my prominent thighs, and a chic design detail that brings focus to my long legs.

The design style is popular in women’s heritage clothing – marked with a playful banter between stark femininity and boyish/androgynous pieces.

The Eyewear

You wouldn’t think that eyewear falls under the heritage clothing umbrella, but since a new age in fashion interpretation came about, there has been a rethinking of many facets of it.

‘Effortless’ and ‘simple’ are, for example, America’s zeitgeist of modern heritage clothing.

Eyewear, such as my Aviator sunglasses, falls into the ‘simple and effortless’ rhetoric.

I spent a pretty penny on my classic silver titanium pilot frames – no label, and no fuss.

The mirrored lenses maintain a scratch-resistant surface, and UV protection.

As is expected with such a pair of fine eyewear, the packaging is as stellar as the goods. These come with a rather beautiful hard leather case, and cleaning cloth.

Slipping these on makes anything I’m wearing, a tad bit more chic – that’s why they settle in as part of my heritage clothing collection.

The Top

British weather has given no quarter these many millennia, and so their heritage clothing has always had to be as elegant as it is resilient, to rain and shine.

Embellishments are not prominent in heritage clothing, so shirts and tops are usually sleek, or cosy in a preppy way.

I may not be a Wellingtons and Scottish plaid kind of girl, but I absolutely adore the soft grey knit jumper I got, which keeps the spirit of GB alive and well.

There is something demure about the round neck and wide, long sleeves of the grey top.

Fine-knit Cashmere means warmth while riding along the countryside – if that was my life – or being simultaneously comfortable & elegant, while at work.

As far as heritage clothing goes: you can do no better than 100 % cashmere.

The Art of the Trench

…So great a concept, deserved nothing less than a stellar title!

My first introduction to the art of the Trench coat, was when creative savant Christopher Bailey, was at the helm of Burberry not too long ago.

Under Bailey, Burberry was recontextualized to a wholly unique degree – shuffling the brands PR strategy, design aesthetic, as well as working the core demographic in such a way as to maintain the existing steadfast clientele, and influence fashion lust among a new target: Millennials!

We’re often thought to be the flighty, poor generation, with no sense of direction.

Researchers who have done their due diligence well, have discovered that we, Millennials, are arguably thee most discerning market to ever have manifested after the Industrial Revolution

…and when we want for something, we seek it with a measured focus.

When Bailey came onboard, he saw the value of targeted celebrity appeal, revolutionising fashion events by streaming them, championing rising talents, reaffirming the greatness of London as a fashion capital etc.

He transformed the somewhat ailing outerwear label, into dazzling functional art, that let’s the wearer around the world, stand apart as they use it daily.

Christopher Bailey‘s legacy, is such that I will spend my entire fashion-loving life seeking coats from his tenure as Burberry Creative Officer.

When I think on every pop culture moment that has involved a coat, I remember a vintage check lining though, at it instantly becomes Burberry‘s fashion moment on-screen.

Brand Founder, Thomas Burberry, did not birth this quintessential coat, out of the blue.

This is the pinnacle of heritage clothing – a global fashion icon, with more than 100 years in the game!

“The trench coat evolved from the Tielocken coat, patented by Thomas Burberry in 1912. A simple yet refined shape that adapted over the years

…A design born from function to protect the military during the First World War

… a revolutionary fabric that Thomas Burberry invented in 1879. Polished and practical, a beautiful weatherproof cotton that remains at the heart of Burberry.” – Burberry

I adore the crisp & classic beige coat, with its buffalo horn buttons, as well as signature Burberry details, such as: epaulettes, a hook-and-eye collar closure, a gun flap, and belted cuffs.

The design details of Burberry coats (the classic trench coming in 5 silhouettes, namely: the Waterloo, Kensington, Chelsea, Pimlico, and Westminster) all come together to reflect the brand’s historical design biography

…Its art of the trench, having spent a century fundamentally altering British street style, and protecting the nations soldiers.

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