Style & Beauty: Where To Begin With Your 2020 Survival Kit

I wont be the last person throwing around advice, about what Style & Beauty Essentials one should kickstart their day-to-day Survival Kit with.

I’m just going to point you to all my past write-ups, as evidence that a little confidence in my kernels of knowledge, wouldn’t be amiss.

Now, I have Survival Kits for everything – Fashion Week, monthly breakouts, and even apocalypses – but given the anarchy set to unravel the last stretch of this decade, I think a refresher is needed, on a few beauty essentials that have gotten me spruced up in a jiffy, and style necessities I cant help but love right into 2020.

PUMA Sneaker

There is something so satisfying, about unboxing PUMA sneakers…the resolute frame of the box as you open it, and the soft crinkle of the wispy sheets of paper hugging fresh kicks.

I have the opportunity to work with other prolific shoe brands, but I stick with PUMA, not out of a lacklustre sense of loyalty, but because they make pretty stunning sneakers for somebody like me.

My tastes are polished, but I embrace fleeting flights of fancy, and that’s where PUMA gear comes out to play with me.

The latest addition to the #PUMAFam , is the PUMA Love Sneaker!

The Love Sneaker, with its oversized rubber sole, is in a icy white colorway, and maintains the iconic gold foil PUMA insignia signed into the premium leather upper.

Right now they’re a part of my travel essentials too!

MAC Hydration Spray & MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base

Skin requires moisture, and MAC products do their best of keeping you glowing.

I have travelled 3 continents, and never been without the MAC hydration Spray, in one form or the other.

The shimmer fix spray has pearlescent particles for the ultimate dewy glow – even for brown skin!

If celebrity validity is what you need to realise the necessity of Prep + Prime beauty essentials, then note that international makeup artist Raine Tauber, as well as stunning beauties Naomi Campbell & Tracee Ellis Ross, swear by hydration sprays before & during flights.

The eyebase though, is infused with rich antioxidants, and prolongs the look of eye makeup right up to 24 hours – incredible!

Golden Jewellery

“I believe in the Golden Rule – The Man with the Gold… Rules.” – Mr. T

I’m honestly of the mind, that the colours Black & Gold, are the true embodiment of timelessness in fashion.

I adore black clothing, and golden jewellery.

Even when your outfit is all kinds of colours and prints, meticulously designed golden jewellery often elevates the look – whether that style is sophisticated, or camp.

Since living in Cape Town, I have come to discover some of thee most inspired creations, from local designers.

Soul Design, Lorne Jewellery, and Kirsten Goss, are just 3 of my favourite brands, making it possible to purchase beautiful pieces in-store, or ship an order anywhere in the world!

MAC Lipstick

I’m really not averse to the more affordable range of lipsticks one can pick up at their neighbourhood pharmacy, but there is something beautifully pigmented and long-lasting, about the various ranges of MAC lippies.

I’ve honestly gone about my life, switching from a drab day look, to a cute night situation, with the swish of a matte MAC lipstick, or even a sophisticated gold shimmer.

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