Relax, Reboot & Recharge: Start 2020 With A Retreat To Century City Hotel

Travel – whether a day trip, Staycation or an adventure afar – is one of the most rewarding experiences humans have ever had at their disposal.

I have a feeling that 2020 is going to be the wildest year of the entire decade, and pockets of happiness are going to need to be hoarded by the savvy few.

The one lesson that should be learned from Millennials, is that someone can be happy alone…that we should not roam the world trying to find a fabled “other half”, when one can live unreservedly, as a singular whole.

The steadiest foundation for any kind of sustainable happiness, is individuals cultivating enjoyable solo experiences foremost.

Century City Hotel is one urban luxe travel hospitality option, which is quietly unforgettable for travellers…fondly remembered through a medley of rustling white sheets, beautifully refined decor, ravenous hunger sated by a bountiful breakfast, and the smile of every team member.

I have a never ending obsession with the minimalist chic decor in this place – so much so that, after reviewing them once before, I put my money where my mouth was, and visited once again.

Century City Hotel has incredible high-contrast neutrals among its design sophistication – a grand effect manifesting from the light and dark neutrals paired dramatically within the rooms here.

If you’re ever smart enough to take the hotel up on some of their frankly ridiculously awesome deals, you’ll get to enjoy a lie-in on a firm bed, watching television (I, myself, am partial to CNN & BBC) between the crispest white sheets, and thee plushest pillows.

You know beautiful people with amazing personalities, whom you’re probably baffled by, because it’s like they haven’t realised how hot they are so they developed character like the rest of us normals?

…that’s pretty much Century City Hotel.

I low-key hope they never realise how much of a gem they are.

Take, for example, the Century City Hotel Breakfast:

Breakfast is, arguably, a time of peace.

If you’re wanting to maintain the calm serenity your room provides, and therefore are simply seeking room service, don’t think that cuts down on your AM fast options.

If you’re a courteous guest, and the kitchen is its stocked capacity, guests could have a wide array of scrumptious options sent up.

There are generous gulps of Cold Pressed juices available, the likes of fluffy baked goods at the ready, and a full English if you fancy it.

If you’d like to stretch your legs and brave humanity for breakfast, then head down to the resident Square Cafe , which is manned by the friendly hotel team, diligent in their commitment to fulfilling your dining needs.

Expect a dreamy display of state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, steaming pots of breakfast hot foods, a skilled chef ready to whip up nearly anything you’d want, condiments galore, and a spread of breads.

I rather love their cold table too.

Circle the dominating harvest-style table, and you’ll note: a copious cheese board, various flavors and fat-levels of yogurt, and healthy bottled juices if you’re on the go.

Century City Hotel goes further with its breakfast, providing thee juiciest seasonal fruit, fresh salmon, and so much more to kick your morning in to gear.

Incredible value for money!

Some places don’t need the ruckus of needlessly going viral online – those aspirational locations which few can actually afford to venture.

Century City Hotel, is a decent spot for the everyday Joe in search of a treat. The hotel is predominantly visited by:

  • Individuals with a keen eye for Cape Town deals
  • Business folk secure in the hotels ability to deliver an optimal Digital Nomad environment
  • Family’s from across the world
  • And couples seeking hospitality nirvana.

This contemporary hotel, with its nurtured greenery and edgy tonal mastery (See: cascading chain chandelier, brass & iron metalwork etc.) is also generously shared as a Top Destination, across a chain of people who’ve simply enjoyed a straightforward city haven, teeming with class and thee utmost quality of service.

There is alot of anarchy slated for the last stretch of this decade, but Century City Hotel is dedicated to being a steady calm in the storm.

So whether the road may take you to the winelands or beach side, Century City Hotel will always be there to see to your comfort – here is where you relax, reboot, and recharge.

Century City Hotel

No. 3 Energy Lane, Bridgeways Precinct, Century City, 7441, South Africa

Tel: +27  (0)21 204 8000


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