Top 5 Stylish Safe Stays in The Cape: A 2022 Hotel Guide

The Cape is by no means one-dimensional.

The locals are their own brand of fun, interesting, and vary in eclecticism. The landscape has consistently left visitors in awe for centuries, and the destination’s hospitality offerings add a dynamic element to travel.

Here is the 2022 travel shortlist to bookmark – reviewed & culled especially for you. The Stylish Safe Stay travel series I have vetted and curated, prioritizes my own bias necessities when on the go:

  • Hygiene
  • Convenience – in locale, dynamic dining, in-house access, amenities, and activities
  • Quality of sleep
  • Style
  • AND affordable luxury.

The 5 Top Stylish Safe Stay Hospitality Picks to book into, in and around Cape Town

by my recommendation:

1. Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

If, much like me, you’ve been yearning for the premium experiences the last few pandemic years, splurge on a reputable hotel brand, whose magnificent single Cape outcrop makes it the Bucket List pick for locals and visitors alike.

Pink and pretty, are two memorable features of the hotel known affectionately as “The Nellie”, but that’s not all it has to offer.

There’s exceptional service at the Belmond Mount Nelson – with a team so well-trained, warm and welcoming that needs and wants are anticipated and taken care of within minutes. Guests don’t feel like guests here, but like cared-for family whose privacy and space are respected.

It makes meandering, organizing, eating, revelling and sleeping here, a pleasure worth every penny!

Day trips in for food & dining are legitimately guaranteed to satisfy, as chefs and beverage curators here meticulously imagine, design, curate, and make some of the most delectable creations – able to equally balance vegans, carnivores, vegetarians, gluten-free, keto etc. diners and drinkers.

If you’re sleeping in, then prepare for a quality sleep bar none!

It’s a pleasure to be awake and to rest, at this luxurious and gracious Cape hotel, that has yet to become a victim of its global acclaim.

📍 76 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001 || TEL: 021 483 1000

2. Boschendal Farm

When the warmer seasons kick in, Cape Town and its surrounds can become a hive of activity – with travellers descending from flights, ferries and fare-charging transport around the province.

Some choose the Mother City for this very vibe, but if peace is truly what you’re after, then functional farm Boschendal, is one of the best picks (in the country, frankly!)

Look up the family-friendly Boschendal for a practical, but frankly beautiful self-contained trip. You never really have to leave the farm to enjoy a multifaceted experience – how great is that?!

Cottagecore-lovers can rejoice in the captivating pastoral fantasy on this estate, where the Werf cottages, for example, are an exceptional rendition of luxury Cottagecore blooming against a backdrop of breathtaking farm views.

It’s not an all-inclusive resort-style hotel. However, it has package deals to titillate singles, couples, families, and businesses alike, from their comfy home turfs to Boschendal‘s plush hospitality spaces.

Come here when you don’t want memories of your trip to revolve around Covid rules too obviously. The hygiene and safety protocols are there, but somehow the farm feels like freedom to be more than a pandemic survivor.

📍 Boschendal Estate, Pniel St, Groot, Franschhoek, 7680 || TEL: 021 870 4200

3. Century City Hotel

If you get exasperated by travel inconveniences like long queues and uncomfortable furnishings, rest easy knowing that booking into Century City Hotel means peace of mind and seamless check-in, to start.

With vigilant hygiene protocols still in effect, and a well-staffed team of pros, CCHotel invites guests and visitors to safely, securely and swiftly move from entry point to table or bed.

Besides the efficient warm welcome, my favourite part about this hotel is how exceptionally high-quality the features of public and private spaces are. I regularly return to this hotel a great deal thanks to the plush beds, contemporary leather interiors in an earth tone colour scheme, spacious and luxurious bathrooms, and the filling food & character-driven beverages with enough flavour to toast to.

Come here if you want to escape the bustle and bolstered pricing of the innercity, but still wish to remain within Uber’able distance from Cape Town city.

But even if the outside world has no draw for you (despite CCHotel being a short walk from the mega entertaining Century City mall), lying back to laze the day away at Century City is just as rewarding.

Century City Hotel is the definition of Value-For-Money!

📍 3 Energy Ln, Century City, Cape Town, 7446 || TEL: 021 204 8000

4. Victoria & Alfred Hotel

Uncertainties about travels are easily waylaid at this convenient waterfront trove.

Stroll along the pier to the sometimes accessible docksides, tour the markets at your leisure, view the 7th World Wonder quite nearby,  and then finally move over to the hotel for check-in, where you’ll see that this Newmark Collection stalwart (built in 1904) feels tasteful and intimate, without stifling you.

The room and suites are decorated in a measure of quaint and familiar style – complete with classic textile choices (see: earthy wood panels leather headboards & metallic accents too) and traditional hotel room mise en place.

Whether you have anxieties about hoards of people surrounding you, or whether you’re just worried about getting good, quality food in line with your diet, and service & sleep beyond reproach, V & A Hotel offers the perfection of a convenient Cape stay.

Located in a great spot to venture out and see Cape Town’s attractions, experience life like a local, and still be able to rest easy in a room or suite designed as a solace, this hotel doesn’t skimp on much.

The in-house Ginja Restaurant is fortified with food fit for traveller palates seeking all sorts of satisfaction, from sunrise to sunset. And sitting in the relative calm of the Native Espresso Bar will leave you with a cool vigour to meet the day. The cafe is at home in Victoria & Alfred Hotel as a bright nook nestled to the side, and right in an ideal spot for anyone wanting a sensational coffee fix, an on-the-go baguette for breakfast, or some other delights for lunch.

Discretion and efficient service make for one of Victoria & Alfred Hotel‘s best features, as guests even sleep better, with this team’s attention. Everyone from the bellhop to the hostess are consistently helpful, and maintain attentive standards of service (and the hygiene protocols) with a dollop of genuine friendliness.

I think the Victoria & Alfred Hotel does quite well in pleasantly trying to package memories and moments for each of its guests.

📍 PierHead, V&A Complex, Dock Rd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001

TEL: 021 419 6677

5. Grande Roche Hotel

A visit here is planned for, to maximize enjoyment of wine country and travel in the Cape.

Its peace and pleasure from sunrise to sunset at Grande Roche Hotel. It’s in everything from the grounds to the vines, from the couch in your suite to the edible art plated for you.

Grande Roche Hotel is a culmination of essential hospitality ingredients which have been lovingly and artfully blended to create an idyllic visit – whether for a day, week, or longer.

The most delicious flavour notes of this hotel, come from 4 distinct sides:

  • Decor
  • Dining
  • Discretion
  • and Atmosphere.

One need only arrive to be whisked away to their table, bar-side, or bed, promptly & safely.

You need not care about troubling luggage, or lugging anything else. The hotel’s ultra-caring and efficient team take care of nearly all your troubles, and don’t blink or whisper at even the most absurd hospitality requests.

With Chef Kevin Grobler at the helm, Grande Roche Hotel‘s restaurant has experienced a return to the roots of good food, hospitality, and a healthy helping of inspired creativity. It’s a mission vivid across the expanse of the restaurant floor, and drizzled onto every plate.

Dining here is a vibrant realization of accessible glamour, heart, and hearty meals – to be enjoyed by people willing to throw themselves into the theatre of fine dining.

They make a ceremony of every meal, but visitors and guests need not feel overwhelmed to perform. The chef in residence and his incredible team, want you just to enjoy Grande Roche Hotel‘s brand of hospitality…and it’s delicious!

Guests lucky enough to have more than a day at Grande Roche Hotel should definitely feast on the generous outdoor draws – from the exclusive Kraal Pool to my favourite stop-in: The Clubhouse – which is a taste of membership club-style hangouts like SOHO House!

Bring friends, family, partners, business associates, and even Writer Block here – and be prepared to leave happy!

For me at least, it was a cure-all for a case of burnout, writer’s block, and my yearning for more Cottagecore!

📍 1 Plantasie St, Paarl, 7646 || TEL: 021 863 5100

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