Outfit of the Day: Erre and Silk Nostalgia

I have hoarded a fair few vintage pieces throughout this last decade – hours spent riffling through the smattering of Secondhand vintage stores within my inner city.

The Shirt

Way before I had developed a more defined, refined sense of style, I came across a shirt I knew would be of use to me when I finally got a clue.

I’ve worn it here and there before, but it was at London Fashion Week, more than 3 years ago, that it first felt lived in…like I didn’t just buy it, but that it was wholly my own.

“If in doubt, anything looks good with a white shirt.” – Victoria Beckham

The other day, while visiting one of my favourite hotels for a spot of rest & relaxation, it suddenly became so easy to whip this on and settle into the decadent hospitality around me, while looking effortlessly chic.

The shirt is a striped ivory satin & semi-sheer raw silk blouse, with no lining – guaranteeing an airy feel & look.

The cuffs are double-fold up ones, which are secured with beautiful gold buttons, while the collar veers towards Mandarin design.

Despite a lack of buttons beyond the throat & cuff ones, this is not the shirt to cinch, with a belt at the waist. The shirts vertical stripes ensure an elongation of my form, so leaving it to billow about, is the perfect styling for it.

The Pants

I spend an unholy amount of time writing about ERRE, and it’s because they make designs for the women I am right now: On the move, Inspired, and in absolute need of comfort.

Twill stretch fabric means that I do not have to worry about expanding, or being too rigorous (and subsequently tearing something) while rocking the black, wide leg stroll pants, by ERRE.

This is the perfect marriage of a durable contemporary textile, and classic feminine design nostalgia.

The Jewellery

I would do unspeakable things, for some really divine jewellery.

I am not above cheap accessories, nor do I cringe from the more pricey jewellery around – true style doesn’t often come with a hefty price tag!

Around Cape Town, there is one store that is guaranteed to bring in droves of starry-eyed folks of all ages: Lovisa.

The Australian brand is one of several companies, which has used South Africa’s emerging fashion market, to yield substantial returns.

It’s probably the only place I buy rings from recently.

Lovisa should be commended on its quality in relation to their price margin – it’s incredible to have access to such an affordable, on-trend accessories store.

The Shoes

This (cute as a button) PUMA Love Sneaker, with its oversized rubber sole, is in a icy white colorway, and maintains the iconic gold foil PUMA insignia signed into the premium leather upper.

I recently acquired these, and they have been a breathe of fresh air to my ofttimes dark wardrobe.

I think the sneakers temper the overt femininity of the silk shirt, but still stand as chic on the merit of their overall neutrality.

Right now they’re a part of my Outfit of the day, as well as my travel essentials!

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