Decadent ERRE Threads: What Accessible South African High Fashion Looks like

If high fashion is defined by the marriage of inspired creativity, high quality, and meticulous tailoring, then ERRE is no stranger to these hallowed halls.

Dedicated and accessible artistry is what they’ve become synonymous with – familiar shapes, drapes, and silhouettes in flattering shades, and combinations of these in some of the most incredible creations. Their Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer collections, through the years, read as a testament to the fighting spirit of South Africa’s fashion industry.

South Africa is rife with raw talent who could carve their own memorable lane in the fashion industry – though none of the Fashion Councils or formidable authorities here are doing much persistently, to truly make a difference in uplifting fresh talent in ways that make fashion a viable and sustainable career prospect.

But the business of fashion is one also requiring strategy & ambition from its creatives, and Carina Louw and Natasha Jaume have hustled, worked, and designed their way into the hearts, wallets, and wardrobes of a loyal local and international clientele.

ERRE is also a fashion house producing high fashion at one of the most ideal size and price points for its core target market.

Regardless of the brand’s target market though, their creations draw the gaze of a varied people – across the spectrum, with their own individual styles, and universally bound by a want to power dress comfortably.

From my experience alone, I have never felt uncomfortable in the pieces I’ve gotten to wear – from magnificent black evening gowns (the Flounce and the Myri respectively) that work for the red carpet and high teas, to the convenient Stroll wide-leg pants and their structured blouses (BOW bend top) fit for grocery runs and meetings alike.

What ERRE produces is an anomaly of fashion in an age where many brands still choose not to stock varying sizes, nor create designs which may work for different silhouettes and colourings rather spectacularly.

Founders and Chief-Fashion-Nerds Natasha and Carina are blessedly inclusive. They’re also consistent – but not so much that ERRE suffers in banal designs as the seasons come and go.

They draw from stories and experiences coming from their clientele, as well as their own vibrant personal journeys with fashion – and not to mention the inspiration wrought from the world they’re always in touch with as diligent students of the world.

In their latest love letter to fashion, they’ve not done away with fan favourite ERRE staples like their wide-leg Stroll pants and maxi evening dresses, but expanded their colourway (and added some shapely design razzle dazzle on some pieces) according to demand, inspiration, and especially responsible consumption.

Some of their recent (AW22) wares come from earlier creative play during lockdowns, where fabric shopping wasn’t feasible, and so old cut-offs from production became new ways to construct.

And now we have haute couture atelier-level pieces blooming from their latest collections – from tops to evening gowns etc.

This proudly South African fashion house is one of the few truly invigorating the fluttering flames of SA’s fashion industry, so check out their latest offerings and buy into a piece of truly inspired, accessible high fashion.

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