Decadent Threads: Bougie by Daylight

It was a summer of surprisingly cool breezes. The sun caressed warming skin, while people – understanding the fragility of perfect weather this side of the world – reveled in all manner of dining and imbibing, with careful abandon.

The pandemic was still persisting too. The anxiety levels which many had never really been plagued with before, still raged on – through bouts of hand sanitizing, couch potating, and doomscrolling while “watching” Netflix.

I drew strength from the announcement that locals could travel and sit restaurant-side. Booking an experience was the only logical plan of action. I call it an experience because Afternoon Tea at the famed Belmond Mount Nelson, cannot be reduced to mere tea and nibbles. From the very minute one’s reservation is confirmed, visitors feel that they have bought into a bespoke culinary adventure.

This Afternoon Tea defines ‘money’s worth’ with its exeptional all-around experience.

A place as stately as the pink-brushed stalwart of African travel hospitality is deserving of more than the slapdash clothing combinations one would traipse through beloved Cape watering holes and trendy eateries (from seaside to the great Winelands) in.

The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel is a place requiring positive (and poised) regard, and that is why I held my Afternoon Tea look to a high standard of sophistication. At Mount Nelson, one isn’t going to be drinking cheap beer from foam cups, but there is the pleasant possibility of sitting laisses faire under the trees with your meals.

Thanks to my diligent shopping ardor at a particular fashion house, I had received a stylish number to slip into, that could only be described as “majestic”. The black gown, with its dynamic shoulder-to-bodice flounces, the shadow of the long dress’s train, and the flattering silhouette, all come together to manifest a stunning visual…even if I do say so myself.

In light of the so recent couture Fashion Week I couldn’t attend, I thought to reminisce about a look that made me feel like a million bucks: The Black FLOUNCE evening dress, available now!

If I was to ever hazard a guess as to whether you’d need an evening gown for the future…well…I’d just tell you to buy this gown and count yourself lucky for the privilege!

When Carina, one of the co-founders and designers of my favored fashion house ERRE, gave me the challenge of donning this fit and flare evening gown, in whatever styling and setting I wanted, I was elated at the challenge.

With safe social events being so few and far between, the idea of dressing up grandly to traipse around, tempts me strongly. And the black flounce evening dress by the esteemed ERRE fashion house – a brand favored by princesses and silver screen stars alike – coaxed me further, with its crepe and cotton layers, and its flow.

And so, there I found myself gladly adorned in the bold black number when I visited the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel for tea.

By design, this showstopper of a dress is created with a graceful set of flounces, which the wearer can create stunning silhouettes with, that frame the face and bodice, and draw the eye line down elegantly.

This is not a dress meant to necessarily blend in with – and even with the use of familiar fabrics like cotton and stretch Crepe, such wearable art marks the wearer as singular, unique, and unequivocally strong!

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