Decadent Threads: The Gift of the Bow

To some, looking at snapshots of my fashion diary would be a pretty straightforward chronology of “plain” personal styling.

I’ve heard people refer to my taste as “simple” and inferring that the tireless consideration I put into my looks, is for naught – that their summation of my personal styling, was a final validation of “simple” as “easy.

I would not call myself an authority on styling – my curriculum vitae on such matters basically revolving around cheeky but constructive (and supportive) remarks to my inner circle, fashion friends at fashion week, and doing shopping and styling only for my boss.

Yet, even with my sometimes flaring self-consciousness, I will defend that nailing more minimalist looks – complete with elements of class and sophistication – is a feat, and one which I manage pretty darn well!

For me, self-styling is somewhat harder than visualizing fantastic fashion feats for others, and on others.

There’s no bible on the bounds of minimalism, by the way, nor on styling as a whole really.

Fashion has been art, commerce, conversation, and utility, for thousands of years, and with the true mantle of “The Fashion Bible” no longer wholly resting with Vogue, it is up to individuals to navigate their own definition of their own style and what constitutes good taste. However you explain it: should you be styling, then you are working at something, and that effort deserves a nod!

It’s not always easy to compile a look!

Styling on the go, in Downtown Los Angeles

For me, I don’t ordinarily favor layering in my day-to-day look, though I am usually far more adventurous with trying different designs and ensembles for events in the shroud of night – in defiance of my pleasant comfort level. I appreciate a dramatic piece in the face of a dark backdrop and momentarily being part of the glitterati at night – just one sensational piece, which makes one hell of an impression!

The blood-red ERRE bow top is a creation, for example, which I could regularly be seen in post-pandemic and once face masks stop hindering my ability to showcase my accompanying bold lip.

The midi-length top in Barbie fabric, presents a lavish statement reminiscent of any one of my daring evening looks and, is in the spirit of street style greats like the fictitious fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw going walkabout on the streets of New York.

To the trained eye, this top is the plumped up second-coming of the much regarded ‘pussy bow’ blouse; a renowned “savvy office-to-cocktails staple”, as Vogue’s Alice Carey and Rebecca Purhouse claim.

In its fresh iteration by ERRE, the proudly South African fashion house I favor for my daily wears, it too, is sophisticated enough in design (having a drop shoulder, and loop & button at centre back of the top’s neck) and monotone colorway, to slip into the traditional spaces of the corporate and formal world.

Dress it up with a pencil skirt or dress it down with leggings and flats for everyday joy and glamour.

Styling Tip from ERRE

The striking lipstick is a dashing MAC Cosmetics red rouge that’s perfectly colored to usually draw attention to one of my best features, as well as further complete the put-together look of poise – come day or night.

This top is a piece I can point to, which requires diligent styling to wear without being gaudy, and that’s a skill – to retain the wonder of the exaggerated bow and still be tempered in sophistication. Truly, it’s one of my favorite recent wardrobe additions and does command the right kind of attention – whether in pursuit of pleasure, professional presence, or just pleasant presentation among peers.

The ‘Red BEND’ bow top by ERRE, is not overly demanding of a certain kind of regard, if that’s something you’d worry about while dressing this piece up or down, but it is fascinating in the way the visual of a bouquet of roses is welcomed: known, signified, and appreciated.

What say you?

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  1. I really appreciate the sentiment. Thank you so much.

  2. Yep. I just love fashion. And I think yours is fascinating!

  3. Thank you so much 😊 Are you a fan of a dramatic fashion piece for your wardrobe?

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