5 Hotel Tips Leading to Traveller Bookings & Better Reviews

I usually write for the traveller or would-be traveller out there. But, with my looming Eurotrip and all the research which I have been doing into it, I have come across a few things which I know could boost a hotel’s appeal and deliver even more bookings.

Here are five (5) Tips for any Hotel Owners/Managers/Hosts/Hotel PR out there:

1.) Very rarely do I even give a hotel more than a few seconds of my time, if they do not have crisp white bed linen.

The rest of your decor choices can be any other colour, but white linens are one of the easiest and clearest marks to a traveller, that cleanliness – at least where the bed is concerned – is upheld reasonably.

TIP: Do consider switching up those bed linens to an all-white selection, and set yourself apart with a colorful throw or decorative pillow.

Bed in a suite I reviewed at The Belmond Mount Nelson, in Cape Town (South Africa)

2.) There is just something about plush bedding – a well-made bed with plump pillows and a cushy duvet – which instantly makes the bed look like a cloud I want to dive into.

Nothing deters me away from a hospitality establishment quite like seeing photographs of their bedrooms, and they have anaemic and uncomfortable-looking beds and pillows.

TIP: Plush bedding doesn’t have to mean expensive.

Even in South Africa there are budget-friendly stores (like Sheet Street, MAKRO, Game, and Mr. Price Home) where getting fresh and plump duvets and pillows, isnt hard.

Bed in a suite I reviewed at Century City Hotel, in Cape Town (South Africa)

3.) A Bed Skirt or stunning bed base – GET IT!

I don’t ever really want to see the bed’s legs and base unless sleeping in a modern four-poster bed, or ultra-chic suite. Bare bottom beds are often a feature that detracts from the room’s overall atmosphere and aesthetic.

TIP: Dust Ruffles (or bed skirts) should match your bed linen, for an overall cohesive bed design.

Bed in a suite I reviewed at Steenberg Hotel, in Cape Town (South Africa)

4.) Take better pictures.

If you already have regular clientele that come in and don’t need to be re-wooed, consider the clients you are missing out on because they’re not drawn in by your online repertoire.

Bring more eyeballs and bookings, with better visuals (especially of your hotel bathrooms) – in still and video formats.

TIP: If you are’nt keen or able to hire a good photographer to take your pictures, invite a skilled Content Creator for a stay, and in exchange: Ask if they could snap some pictures for your brand, which you will be able to use whenever and however, to promote the hotel online.

Bed in a suite I reviewed at The Old Fondry Hotel, in Cape Town (South Africa)

5.) Check for dirt and dust, on your carpets, table tops, doorways, door sides, frames, shower tiles, elevator buttons, corners, and the underside of everything.

It’s not just about what guests see (and don’t forget about people’s allergies getting triggered), but a point of pride your hotel should have, that everything genuinely is fully clean.

Travellers talk among each other too, so your brand’s reputation rests on the right word of mouth being shared; And cleanliness is a priority for us all!

Also, on the sporadic occasions that unannounced Press should visit, you won’t have a thing to worry about because you’ll be upholding high standards.

I, myself, check every nook and cranny the minute the bellhop drops off my luggage.

TIP: Regularly run your fingers across random corners, under tables, on frames, behind sinks etc. and see if any dirt or dust tracks back. Your housekeeping team should be cleaning these areas meticulously too.

No bubblegum, booger walls, or makeup residue!

Bed in a suite I reviewed at an Airbnb available via Ideas Cartel, in Cape Town (South Africa)

QUESTIONS? Ask away, in the comment section!

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  1. Always a pleasure 🙂 Let me know if there are some other travel things you could use a tip on!

  2. Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

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