Weekend Cravings: Waffles

I woke up today with a hankering for everything – know what I mean?!

It’s been a good long while since I have managed to treat myself, unequivocally, with something ridiculous sweet.

Down the road from me, is a restaurant chain that I only happened upon a year ago: Rocomamas!

I’ve written about Rocomamas before – giving them a stellar write-up because their burgers are genuine, scrumptious morsels of delight that remain consistently awesome every time you visit.

…I guess the same could be said of their light & crispy waffles.

The golden waffle itself, is an airy fill of flavorsome whole wheat, egg & flour batter made crisp.

The chocolate sauce they use at Rocomamas, must be top shelf stuff because it doesn’t maintain that cloying, syrupy taste & texture consistent with artificial chocolate products.

My laziness was stubborn enough to warrant an Ubereats order of the Rocomamas Nutella & Banana Waffles with ice-cream, rather than me trekking the kilos away, to the restaurant.

Also, like…How Great is Nutella?!

Anyway, my weekends are ofttimes for chilling, so I grab all my fashion & travel magazines (like Conde Nast Traveler & Italian Vogue) and flick through the fashion & travel bibles, while munching.

I  don’t know what more to tell you, except look at how yummy they look, with a dollop  of ice-cream…

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