Pampered & Pleased: The Taste of Opulence Teased By The Cullinan Hotel

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by just how many words I often use, to review the varied spaces I fleetingly call home around the world, then let’s begin with just this…

Here’s 3 Reasons to Visit The Cullinan Hotel:

1. Cape Town is proudly South African, but has the airs of an entirely different disposition.

The Cullinan Hotel sits in an optimal location within the Mother City – very present within the perimeter of the leisurely Waterfront & dynamically cultured Central Business District. Visitors to this hotel, will rest at the precipice of a unique combo: African luxury & state-of-the-art conferencing.

2. Enough people are employed here, to never be too far from somebody who can deliver on your whims.

For some, the bustle of The Cullinan‘s public spaces, may seem overwhelming, but the double-edged sword presents a wonderful benefit, of not having to hunt down hotel team members for some service. There is always somebody there…whether to check you in, handle your luggage, accompany you to your next adventure, or even administer First Aid.

3. It’s actually a rather stunning property.

It towers, despite not being the tallest building in the area.

It’s columns, the quiet semblance of its classic architecture, high ceilings and a balconied mezzanine level, as well as the occasionally striking ease of its interior designs, makes this hotel worthy of the acclaim that comes with its model of corporate mixed with leisure.

To sum up a stay at one of Tsogo Sun’s premier properties, observe me:

Relaxed, Refined, and Resplendent

Contemporary design can sometimes come off as cold – you need only look at the lack of longevity in the market, for some of the hotels that come and go in Cape Town, or the AirBnB listings abound, steadily lowering their prices as interest waxes and wanes.

Simplified: This particular award-winning property, is where the notion of traditional ‘intimate style’ was readily embraced – to their substantial benefit.

See, something some of my age group rarely grasp, is that Traditional does not have to be boring, nor outdated.

The Cullinan sees that guests are greeted with a refined, quintessential African temperament – Welcoming; that being the smiles on the faces of your bellhop, as well as the warmth reaching in, onto the plush foyer seating.

The duality of The Cullinan‘s traditionalist bones & contemporary foray, manifests most emphatically, within their spaciously decked courtyard (heated) pool area.

This is where I’m thrown back to the secret pools I found in Los Angeles – most of them the epitome of Hollywood’s 60s villa retreats.

This is glam without glitter, and chill without effort.

What of the quarters & service comforts?

Let the hotel service at The Cullinan never be called into disrepute.

Once a guest vocalises something which might hinder their opulent pampering experience here (whether you’re in a room, or roomy suite), the team is quick to respond – and effectively so.

By the time I was re-situated on a sunny Friday afternoon, I could hold no serious disgruntlement at my circumstance, because there I sat…suspended, right in the middle of the iconic Cape Town skyline – removed from traffic of cars & bodies, watching the burnished gold of the African sun cast a most excellent filter for my life.

To be frank on noise though: even with accented echoes of excited and exhausted guests, making their way across the elegantly carpeted halls of The Cullinan, one can still hang onto the finely measured dollop of relaxation which the hotel suites invoke.

In the last couple years, I’ve found myself slightly leaning towards cleaner, more transitional lines – which I found abundant in the living space I got to call my own for a weekend.

  • The wardrobe space was adequate for short stay travellers – and subsequently, I decided to unpack ALL my gear (rather unheard of since I usually live out of my suitcase)
  • The discrete business desk was ready to be worked on, while
  • The rooms amenities, including a complimentary tea table, a mini fridge, and WiFi, delivered upon the expected hotel features.

The Cullinan‘s sleeping quarters have a crisp aesthetic language – mirroring the sophisticated and serene personality the hotel is made up of (through details, shapes, fabrics, textures and colours blended exquisitely).

I tend to touch the bed spread, caress pillow covers, flit my hand across tables, and sweep across walls, when I visit hotels – its a sensory thing I rather adore.

In the same way mouth-feel, is a categorisation when weighing up a lovely dining experience, so to is touch to hospitality.

The carpets were plush…the lean & light chairs resolute….the terrycloth gowns were luxurious, and the clean bedding threaded within an inch of its life.

The most domestic & elemental thing in this 394 en-suite roomed hotel though, is most likely their bathrooms.

I packed a few of my own travel toiletry essentials (incl: luxury shower gel), and the bathroom did come equipped with water, hotel soaps and such – I just made sure to call housekeeping for foam bath and the washing cloth.

My utilitarian single vanity unit, and the not too deep bath which I may have had to wiggle into, may have left me feeling a little lacklustre, but atleast the hotel has some cosy terrycloth gowns and slippers to slip into.

Was the Food Fit For Foodies of Different Taste Sensibilities?

The one thing The Cullinan never lacks for, is diners.

Their menus, across The Peach Tree Restaurant, and the poolside Stella Cafe & Bar, are serious draws – extensive, detailed, and rather scrumptious once my mind wrapped itself around the fact that there may be chefs capable of delivering an elevated taste experience even in the face of an elaborately designed menu.

“The stylish Peach Tree restaurant offers guests a full daily breakfast buffet and an interactive dinner buffet that serves tantalising Cape Malay fusion dishes along with fresh meals served from the chef station.” – The Cullinan

The Peach Tree restaurant, is home in a space not very unlike a stately ballroom.

The Stella Cafe & Bar operates on a rather casual walk-in basis, and maintains a laid-back al fresco dining style.

Head in right when the afternoon begins, and you can choose from light snacks (vegan inclusive) to nibble on, or rather succulent (carnivorous) meals to enjoy poolside.

“Whether you’re in the mood for tapas delicacies such as Cape Malay Bobotie Springrolls or something a little more substantial like traditional Lamb Cutlets, there’s something for you on the seasonal menu.

A wide selection of South Africa’s finest wines are available, handpicked for you. Experience them for yourself in the intimate wine room and let our resident sommelier guide you through a journey of unique tastes.” – The Cullinan

One Dish to Come Back For?

One takeaway from dining at The Cullinan: the Sunday Roast is a weekend treat to beat!

Touching upon its worldly airs, The Cullinan‘s Peach Tree Restaurant offers the ritual Sunday Roast worthy of its name, considering the few in Cape Town who do it, and do it well.

“Enjoy an interactive Sunday lunch… Lunch starts with soup, individually served, followed by your choice of starters from our spectacular buffet. You will then be spoilt with a fish course presented family style at the table.

Then the main event: Select your preference from our legendary carvery and buffet, followed by a decadent selection of desserts from our dessert station.” – The Cullinan

Of what I remember of London, Sunday Roast at a restaurant, was an established cultural institution always accompanied with a little pomp and flair.

Families, couples, and single ol’ me, converged on The Cullinan experience with carving stations ready, wine and bubbly aerating, and silverwear neatly placed on pristine tabletops.

No Yorkshire pudding, but plenty of succulent roasted meats are served at this Sunday Roast.

I, myself, became quickly obsessed with the varied accoutrement here, which include crisp roast potatoes, and seasonal vegetables.

Did anything else seriously impress you?

A most revitalized Ollie has got to heap some praise on Mangwanani Spa, situated within The Cullinan.

Before your spa experience, everything from the tickling scent in the air, and the Mediterranean style interior space (white-washed wood and faux-weather-worn features) impact guests senses.

I was peaceful before my masseur worked my muscles to putty.

I’d return for nails and a facial – hell another massage too, because every time I’ve visited a Mangwanani Spa, I have never left anything less but relaxed.

Last Words?

There is alot of anarchy slated for the last stretch of this decade, but The Cullinan is dedicated to being one of the steady calm in the storm.

The hotels ace-in-the-hole, is that guests need not look outside for a calming experience, because the one thing every local (young & older) yearns for, is a good vibe & service while poolside. So whether the road may take you to the winelands or beach side, The Cullinan will always be there to see to your pampered comfort – a tranquil taste of opulence that’s teasing, but oh so pleasing!

I have had the luxury of reviewing many properties across the world, and on the merit of The Cullinan at its A game, I would recommend its every attribute.

The Cullinan Hotel

1 Cullinan Street, Cape Town Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

Tel: +27  (0) 21 415 4000


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