Crimson at Fashion Week: Minding the AW20 Zeitgeist

I do confess, I have subtle delusions of grandeur where my personal style is concerned.

I generally hold my taste to a high regard – and even the simplest ensemble get’s a mental round of applause as I gaze at myself admiringly.

When it comes time for Fashion Week – both locally & internationally – I’m a ball of fanciful fashion fun, even when I’m taking street-style easy.

At the most recent South African Menswear Week (an event I promised myself I wouldn’t return to lest the lineup calls to me), I decided to play around & sport a prism of crimson.

My war paint, of MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo Matte Crimson lipstick, made a statement, as all red lips do.

Clothing-wise, I wrangled my overheated form into a straight-from-the-dryer crinkled shirt dress – delivering on this seasons runway trend of harder-edged takes on Parisian chic… because…you know: 

“You don’t have to be French, to be a Parisian!” – Karl Lagerfeld

After my experiences traversing around France, and attending the acclaimed Paris Fashion Week, I became an eager student of an elevated field of style.

The Parisian way is not overtly complicated. They are here for:

  • Flattering colours – monochrome for the win!

  • Elegant lines

  • And the charm of a singular detail.

Any contemporary wardrobe worth its salt, needs the French staples to be unanimously harmonious.

For those keeping track of my Outfit of the Day street-style ramblings, you know I enjoy working in: combinations of stylish luxury goods, with some stunning affordable finds – and this look is no different to the styling sensibility I’ve been evolving.

The crisp white shirt dress cost less than $20 – bought from a Chinese mall store.

Riding the 2020 fashion zeitgeist wherein splashes of crimson on a bed of minimalism, are back on the menu (See: YSL, Valentino etc.), I’m complementing the simple cotton dress, with a Steph Eyelet red handbag from Colette by Colette Hayman, with its charming detail of a colour-matched pleated strap.

The bright sneakers in a white-only colourway, is the PUMA Love sneaker. The strength of this design, comes from its Tennis shoe inspiration – and it makes its own muted impression amid the crisp canvas of my all-round street-style look.

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