Coping with Covid-19: I Found Bliss In 3 Things

Disclaimer: This post reeks of privilege.

It has been a tumultuous experience, attempting to survive this tense Covid-19 period anywhere in the world.

In South Africa, our president executed an Executive Order mandating a National 21-day Lockdown…so yeah, I’ve been cooped up for a good while.

Being an only child has reasonably trained me to enjoy my own company. However, there is a clear difference between:

Choosing to stay inside Vs. Not being allowed out.

Keeping busy isn’t a problem (stay tuned for exactly what I’ve been doing in my isolation), but not having the option to roam my amazing city – an experience which sees me walking around a literal World Wonder &  doesn’t always have to involve spending money at all – has been rough!

I do beach days in Cape Town’s sun-kissed Clifton Beach nearly every other week, as well as often imbibing crappy wine & overpriced food in the inner city, because the likes of Bree Street eateries, have some of the best vibes.

Anyway, my daily moue of distaste at the limitations of these circumstances, has a sliver of light.

There have been 3 things, which I have discovered keep me more than sane – they make me soooooooo damn pleased and content:

1. Conde Nast Traveler

Right before the National 21-day lockdown commenced here, I went to the biggest bookstore in my area, and bought some literature I’d usually make a day of venturing to freely read within the bookstores accompanying cafe.

I’m sure you’ve experienced days where you’ve had it with your technology, while Physically Distancing.

Usually, new shows on your television (or Netflix) can be great; However, too much telly without many pleasurable alternatives, can render TV’s (or online’s) entertainment value redundant over time.

This is where my book collection & magazine love comes in.

See, I adore well-designed, glossy magazines; And Conde Nast Traveler is unequivocally the #1 travel magazine for me.

It’s compellingly succinct in its travel information, and masterful in firing up any readers wanderlust.

I sometimes have more bad days than good with this Physical Distancing. Trying to keep my head above water during this Corona Virus strain’s crippling socioeconomic effect on the world, has been exhausting.

Conde Nast Traveler effortlessly eases me outside my mental bind & physical confinement – beautifully showcasing the best parts of travelling, without too much pretension.

2. Black Tea

I haven’t actually blogged singularly, about just how much I love tea.

I seriously have a ridiculous addiction to teas (except green tea – bleurgh!) and fancy myself a long-lost Brit when the topic of this beverage comes about.

Earl Grey is the champion among the worlds tea choices presented to me. Subsequently, I seek out the scents of Bergamot in perfumes & cocktails alike.

On a normal day, you can find me sipping from a giant mug, with a simple Earl Grey teabag (by luxury Singaporean teahouse chain TWG), steeping.

On a really good day, I get the rare pleasure of indulging in a proper Afternoon/High Tea, complete with exquisite pastries, some savoury delights, and perfectly brewed loose leaf Earl Grey Tea.

But just this last Sunday, I made the day special by opening up a long-saved opulent gift received during my travels on the incredible luxury train Rovos Rail: A tin of TWG Happy Birthday Tea.

The mild $40 loose leaf tea with its sultry colours & flavors, is incredibly decadent – saturating my isolation with a blend of sweet red berry and vanilla notes.

So, on Sunday morning, I settled in to my little reading nook, with a pot of this black tea, and travelled the world with Conde Nast Traveler.

3. Fluffy Sweaters

In a review I recently did, at the award-winning The Cullinan Hotel, I stated that:

“In the same way mouth-feel, is a categorisation when weighing up a lovely dining experience, so to is touch to hospitality…I tend to touch…caress…flit my hand…sweep across… its a sensory thing I rather adore.”

As a result of my love of feeling textures, every time I have a moment to relax and not sleep, I further content myself with one of my plush sweaters or jerseys.

In the bustle before the lockdown, I went to H&M hoping for a sale – and walked out with this fluffy, off-the-shoulder jersey (with a wide foldover top edge, long raglan sleeves, and ribbing at the cuffs and hem).

So yeah, those are the 3 things that have momentarily preserved my sanity and peace during Covid-19s tyranny on our lives.

What’s been your saving grace?

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  1. Mom says:

    My daily teleconversations with you are my sanity always😘😘😘

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