Coping with Covid-19: Here’s the Tea

If you’ve never had the pleasure of drinking a cup of Happy Birthday Tea by luxury Singaporean teahouse chain TWG, then let the intoxicatingly rich colours and flavor that make up these images, be a sure indicator, as to the taste adventure this Black Tea takes you on.

Why Black Tea?

I was never really particular about teas growing up – always taking whatever crumbed bag lay before me, and dolling out a consistent amount of sugar and milk, as those around me did.

I just liked sweet things – and my lack of maturity didn’t care to indulge my senses in complex flavors.

Then one day, while at a cafe with my mother, they didn’t have the Rooibos tea I was familiar with (a travesty in and of itself, considering its most South Africans preferred option).

I had to settle for Earl Grey – a tea I’d never before had.

I should have realised that this was one of the few instances where the grandeur of the name, lent to the flavor, because WOW!

Earl Grey is my literal favourite now – the siren call of Bergamot leading me to any citrus-scented products now.

I’ve noticed that the best cup of Earl Grey comes from the pomp & flair of Afternoon/High Tea’s…there’s something about the discipline of preparation, and the quiet enjoyment of an afternoon snack, that makes that cup better.

While on lockdown during Covid-19s reign, I try to get my mind in a really good space by making a pot of my long-saved opulent gift, received during my travels on the incredible luxury train Rovos Rail: A tin of TWG Happy Birthday Tea.

Happy Birthday Tea?

Well this mild $40 loose leaf tea, with its sultry colours & flavors, is incredibly decadent – saturating my isolation with a blend of sweet red berry and vanilla notes.

I’m sure the naming of the tea, comes from the joyousness of the flavours, that explode along your tongue, while wisps of the scent have any drinker inhaling large gulps of it all.

So, on certain days during this Physical Distancing, I settle in to my little reading nook, with a pot of this loose leaf black tea, and travel the world with Conde Nast Traveler or Vogue.

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