Coping with Covid-19: Airplane Breakfast Much?

I know!

I only realised after snapping these photos, that it looks a lot like I’m enjoying an airplane breakfast that is even to scale.

I guess I really miss travel so much that my subconscious is trying to evoke my greatest memories in the sky, without me even knowing.

Did you know that according to Oxford University experimental psychology professor Charles Spence “background noise on the plane suppresses sweet and salty taste”?

I live in the city so while that’s not the rumble of aircraft engines, I still experience a certain level of these environmental gastronomy effects. I have taken to experimenting with my palate (like, with umami) as a result, in part, of these sound, height, and light effects on my taste buds.

Today though, I’m keeping things easy, and as streamlined as airplane grub is usually served. The order of the day started with a medley of seasonal fruits I would not have the energy to prepare myself, so they are store-bought for sure.

I feasted on: Pineapple, guava, mango, melon, strawberry, papaya, kiwi, blueberry, and grapes.

Accompanying all that wealth of health, was a baguette sandwich of my own making. I went on a grocery run, and the smell of the bakery offerings, was a siren call I could’nt resist.

I was a tad bit nostalgic for Paris, and decided to side-step bagels and sourdough bread, for a roll around with French flair. Breakfast baguette’s are really divine when they’re fresh, the back bacon crisp, and the eggs fried just right enough to have the bright yellow yolk ooze out. Topping this unhealthy bank of scrumptiousness, was some Emmenthal cheese, and everything seasoned with Aromat (don’t knock it – it’s awesome!) and pepper.

The only deviation from the actual grub you’d probably find on a plane (besides not having the aviation dining seal of approval), is my tea – I’m obsessed with loose leaf black tea. On weekends I make it a point to enjoy anything from my beloved TWG Happy Birthday Tea, to Hibiscus tea when I’m feeling fruity.

What’s the best travel breakfast you’ve enjoyed enjoyed?

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