Coping with Covid-19: Warm in Fresh ERRE


Its getting cold here.

Every day its getting harder to wake up and prepare for the long day. I’m doing my best to keep warm – being someone whose immune system hasn’t functioned supremely well, since high school. I get sick easily; flu terrorising my body nearly every other week.

Anyway, I’m developing so many habits deviating from my traditional ways of life, while in lockdown and coping with Covid-19 preventative measures.

Now, you’re likely to find me sipping black tea in the early hours of the day – fortifying myself with the warm elixir, for a day full of a hefty workload done while on an uncomfortable chair in my loft.

If there is one thing that some local designers are really giving their all to, its winter fashion. I have been seeing quite a few catalogues, of thick woollen or fleece clothing, in neutral colours – a callback to the peerless rule of fashion, that quality staples (in clothing and their colors) are forever.

ERRE is my Fashion House of choice in South Africa.

They are an brand growing from strength to strength every time you catch glimpses of their collections. Beloved by Her Serene Highness the Princess of Monaco (Charlene – former South African Olympian), and adorning only a select few local celebrities, ERRE has shown their discerning brand alignment, celebrated attention to detail, inspired creativity, and functional production very well these last few years.

I have worn so many of their pieces, both during lockdown and before it, and the one takeaway of all the garments is: comfort.

Everything is so damn comfortable!

 I’m currently loving the wholesome warmth, and adaptable design of the ERRE textured shrug coat.

“It can be worn long, belted or loose, or folded in half in a shorter style. A very comfy and versatile garment. Belt included.”

The black teddy coat is gathered artfully at the back, and can be worn in different iterations – and luckily, with a myriad of my accessories.

I love the acrylic textured coat worn loose and nimble to my snuggles.

The rest of today’s outfit is comprised of:  Erre Stride Pants (wide-leg with an elasticated waist, pleats on the front and side pockets), a ruffle-collar wide-cut H&M blouse, and large gold maze stud earrings from Lovisa.

What are you wearing to sip your first cup of the day?

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  1. LOL! I’m with you. PJ’s are everything!

  2. growwithfifi says:

    Thank you for the advice. ☺️
    Answering your question or I’m having breakfast in my pajamas or in my workout equipment because this is 2020 it’s the year of change.

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