Champagne & Couture: Fresh ERRE in Summer

Thank Goodness! I get to revel in fashion again.

There is much to still be worried and disgruntled about in 2020, but the moment local travel prohibition was lifted, I knew fashion would make its way back to the streets.

I spent so much of the 2020 pandemic under strict measures within lockdown restrictions – having to find ways of keeping myself breathing, feeling alive…just feeling.

Sometimes it meant discovering new indie gems on Spotify, realizing I hate every podcast in the world except ‘Welcome to Nightvale‘, tiring myself with Buzzfeed Quizzes, and sometimes it also meant random photoshoots in my loft.

As a gradual lifting of restrictions began this past month, I was greenlit to travel locally with care; And so began the Stylish Safe Stay travel series –  reviews which would ascertain whether our tourism industry has really adapted to the paradigm-shift, which demands elevated hygiene and safety protocols across industries.

Naturally, no trip of mine would ever be without a fashion turn. So, I turned to my local favourites, to see what enticing garments they’d brought to life from gorgeous sharp sketches to threaded glory, and…?

ERRE did not disappoint.

For their Resort 20/21 collection, the proudly South African fashion house stayed true to their design DNA, and constructed a collection filled with a vacationers dream pieces, from easyfit dresses in sophisticated palates to shimmering swimwear fit for all.

You’ll find no sloppy athleisure from this fashion house. Everything at ERRE balances comfort with sophisticated design – its clean classic looks at the finish, that sometimes come from intricate and beautiful fashion artistry.

I cannot wait to take you on a visual journey of my Summer travels and fashion revelry – even in this still tumultuous time – with all these fresh ERRE creations. For today, feast your eyes on one of ERRE‘s latest dress designs: the Fire BOW Fit and Flare Dress.

You can feel flirty and fun, and downright sexy in this red number.

I honestly did not want to take this dress off.

It’s even better than the 14-in-1 Myri Dress by ERRE – if I may say so, based purely on the flattering feminine silhouette I am currently enraptured with. It hugs everything exactly as it should – tied off perfectly with the statement shoulder bows. There is not a single thread that’s uncomfortable; it does not easily crease, and it is unequivocally beautiful!

The Fire BOW Fit and Flare dress is available for purchase right now!

*Note: All looks are donned with face masks!

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