Travel Essentials: Suited for Summer

I don’t think I’ve ever really owned a full suit.

I have purchased a blazer here, and a pair of slack there; but I have yet to experience the finery of bespoke suit tailoring. However, what my means do afford me, is an off-the-rack lapelled set, with the veneer of professionalism, and the breezy comfort of summer.

While shopping this past month, at Swedish retailer H&M, I discovered gauzy brown high waist linen-blend pants, and its jacket mate. In keeping with my more classic tastes, this was a choice both fresh and timeless, caught somewhere between Givenchy‘s SS20 collection, and resortwear from decades past. I’m not one for cropped blazers, long socks, and short shorts – thank goodness – but I don’t mind unconventional cuts to traditional garb like pant suits.

While some automatically ascribe ‘androgyny’ and tomboy status, to any femme’s rocking masculine lines (and visa versa), suits are actually not that gendered now – fabric and styling, I think, is key!

I wear my suit simply this Summer – fringed in breezy youthfulness and elegance. Sometimes it may have a t-shirt, a cotton vest, or a camisole added to ground the overall aesthetic.

And on the matter of shoes?

Listen, I favor stilettos as much as I do pumps. I like a great sandal too.

For today though, I suit up with the item that’s turned many a corporate offices into semi-casual professional spaces: sneakers!

My Stylish Safe Stay travel series requires a good and sturdy pair of shoes to trod about in, thus the new PUMA x Mr. Doodle Cali Wedge.

It’s an epic pair of almost chunky sneakers, that works for a traveller with more leisure needs. Wearing the cute sneakers also means drawing the eye to the narrowness of the ankle – a mission for most shortened pants, generally.

As far as suits go, I still yearn for a collarless suit, a tuxedo dress, and a full three-piece herringbone suit. For now though, I’m placated with this linen-blend short suit for summer.

No edgy raw charm…just an easy, sophisticated style.

*Note: All looks are donned with face masks!

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