Decadent Threads: Resortwear by ERRE

Flow – that’s practically the essence threaded into every piece that the talented designers of fashion house ERRE make.

They choose material that caresses you, designs that bring out the boldest parts of you, and pick colours that entrance you. Every time I put on a piece by ERRE, I get to live out a new fashion adventure – whether the pieces are to my perceived taste or not, I’m always exploring and venturing out of my comfort zone.

Beyond every piece of dark ERRE apparel that I cannot seem to part with, is a saturated fruity choice to try, from their Spring/Summer collections. Not to disparage the decades past, of usually one-dimensional summer trends churned out by brands around the world, but Spring/Summer tends to deliver more of the same – unless you’re ERRE.

This fashion house goes back to basics, but its collections are punchy, and bold – all while adhering to sophisticated silhouettes that flatter literally every form (yeah, I’d even challenge men to give them a try!).

I like the feel of the few resortwear pieces I’ve tried while on the go, travelling around the Cape for my new Stylish Safe Stay travel series, and ensuring you are schooled on the best hotel finds, and the hygiene protocols that should dictate your hospitality picks as we near the new year.

Today’s outfit of the day, is available online at ERRE right now: Pink FLOW Stride Wide Leg Pants.

Captured at Ideas Cartel's Cartel House Hotel
Captured at Ideas Cartel’s Cartel House Hotel

These elasticised waist pants are fit to lounge about in, and to roam the city with. You could style them up for a night outt, or relax with a laidback look.

The Pink FLOW stride wide leg pants – equipped with side slant pockets, pleat detail, and airflow fabric – are airy, need the lightest of caring, and are ready for pairing with your wardrobe this season.

Let some pink ERRE breeze into your wardrobe, with these pants.

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