Coping with Covid-19: Self-Care Sunday

I get the feeling that, despite being home, not many people are caring for themselves right now – in the most visceral and physical of ways.

My skin hasn’t been doing too great, nor have I been as even-keeled as I’d like, considering the near 9 weeks of social distancing I’ve been adhering to. Maybe its the inescapable longing for a Happy Hour restaurant crowd (in spite of not always loving humans enough to consistently be among them), or the physical manifestation of some deeper-rooted mental issue, but I decided my skin needed a little care, as did my body and mind.

…the song?

All good things, for me, start with a stellar playlist.

If you’re ever trying to lull me into a mellow state of absolute ‘vacation’ calm, play tunes like these:

♫ The Neighbourhood – “Sweater Weather”

♫ The XX – “Intro” (Project X OST)

♫ Atticus Ross – “This is Love”

♫ Ornella Vanoni – “La Puntamento”

♫ The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Moses Sumney – “To Believe”

Anyway, once the soundtrack was set, I reached for the sheet mask I started Beauty & Bagels day with, a few weekends ago.

The mint-scented mask did wonders for refreshing my skin, and working at those pores. Maybe I left it longer than I should have today, but once I was sheet masked up and reading, I just could not put down the book I was enjoying.

Oh! And if you’re questioning my attire (justifiably), let it be known that the culture-shifting mandated lockdown means the rule book of fashion is out of the window.

I’m rocking high fashion and leisure chic style sporadically, because these lovely pieces are otherwise hanging in suspended beauty – to be untouched until the “next time”. That’s a sorry existence for these beauts, so I snuggled into my new pink (proudly South African-made) mohair jersey, by the incomparable ERRE fashion house…a personal and consistent favourite.

The combo of their luxurious and refined creativity, together with the beloved lightweight and durable mohair fibres, mean that the pink cable knit with plush volumous sleeves, is a Winter Must-Have! Match the jersey with a breezy wide leg pant from ERRE too, and be all set for a relaxed and cosy winter.

Perfectly powerful!

Perfectly pink.

Perfect for leisure pleasure.

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