Coping with Covid-19: Bagels & Beauty Spa Day


Days since my last actual Spa day


Days I’ve been in Covid-19 Lockdown


It’s said that sometimes, being indoors for extended periods of time, means good things for your skin.

However, I’m African!

My skin needs the healthy wealth of daily rays of sun. I love the sun sooooo much. My place doesn’t get too much direct sun, and everybody knows there’s a difference between indoor sun Vs. fresh air & outdoorsy sun vibes.

But alas, for lack of legal paths to sun at any time (my national Covid-19 lockdown prohibits traipsing about after 9am), I have to settle in and do what I can for my skin from home – thus, Sheet masks.

Holy Sheet!

These Sheet Masks are really good, right?!

I’d only ever experienced them once before. While in Paris, my friend, international makeup artist Raine Tauber, recommended a Minisco sheet mask for me, which I still gush about today.

From the minute I scrubbed down, and sheeted up, I could feel the effects (placebo or otherwise), and my skin felt revitalised.

Today, I decided I needed a moment to self-care.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, and I don’t think I appreciate mine too often.

I had to attempt to care for it, even with my amateur skills.

I cant exactly stick to doing one thing, whenever I’m home. I have to be in a very specific frame of mind to singularly read, watch a movie, or blog – like now!

So, I knew I’d get restless waiting for the sheet mask to do its thing, and so I thanked God (and my president) for raising the national lockdown level a smidge enough to be able to order takeout.

Bagels have been such an obsession for me.

New York was such an experience for more than just fashion; the range and eclectic nature of their food offerings, made a permanent and tasty impression on me.

I still crave bagels every day as a result of NYC’s influence, and my home within the cosmopolitan Cape Town city, means I can order from 2 lauded bagel eateries…but, Max Bagels won out this time – sorry Kleinsky’s!

The B.A.T Bagel is wicked!

Filled with cream cheese, bacon, avocado, tomato, and house made mayo, on an ‘Everything’ bagel, this was divine.

The most intriguing bagel I’d yet to be brave enough to try (but did), is Max Bagels Turkey rendition – smoked turkey breast, rocket, brie, house made may, and…cranberry? Yep! All this on another ‘everything bagel’, was a genuinely delicious taste adventure for breakfast.

So: Sheet Mask for a lover of wellness + decadent Bagels + Conde Nast Traveler for high-end hospitality wanderlust = The perfect Saturday morning oasis of self-care, right?

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